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The firing of a New York University professor has sparked backlash from parents and teachers who claim academic standards have fallen to a new low.

According to the Guardian, Organic chemistry Professor Maitland Jones Jr. was relieved of his duties in August after more than 80 students signed a petition that claimed his class was too difficult. The petition did not call for Jones to be fired.

The 83-year-old educator’s dismissal has ruffled the feathers of other professors. They fired back with a letter of their own that calls into question the school’s academic standards. Stephanie Lee, one of the professors who signed the letter said, “We are all on the same side of wanting students to succeed, but we are using misaligned, and in many cases flawed, metrics to evaluate success,” “One consequence of this misalignment is that our actions are becoming fear-driven.”

List: The Best Colleges In North Carolina According To US News

What are the best colleges in North Carolina? There’s no perfect college because no one student wants or needs the exact same things. What makes a particular academic institution stand out to one person may be exactly what another doesn’t want. And choosing which school that is can be a daunting task. Even creating a list of universities to visit and apply to can be overwhelming. That’s why U.S. News creates its Best Colleges rankings each year. And last year they released their rankings for 2022-2023.

To create these rankings U.S. News analyzed over 1,850 colleges and placed them in four overall ranking categories. These include National UniversitiesLiberal Arts CollegesRegional Universities, and Regional Colleges. The rankings in each category are based on factors that are indicative of academic quality. This includes such metrics as graduation rates and faculty resources.

Best Colleges In North Carolina

So back to North Carolina. We’ve got some major recognizable names when it comes to universities. In, fact, in the sports world North Carolina has 4 undefeated college football teams right now 3 weeks into the season. Like many states, sports are a big driver for many of the dozens of colleges and universities across the state of North Carolina. It was a huge factor in my college selection. One that was the best decision I ever made. But returning to academics, North Carolina has options of all sizes including large research universities, midsize colleges, and small private liberal arts colleges. You can choose an institution in a big city, a small town, the mountains, or the beach.

Returning to college football for a moment, coincidental the top 4 national universities in North Carolina are those same 4 teams that are undefeated right now. Another interesting statistic is that our state is home to the number one overall regional university in the south. That’s pretty awesome! Keep reading to see where your school made the list. First, you’ll see the list of North Carolina National Universities, then Liberal Arts, and finally Regional Colleges/Universities.