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According to Yahoo.com, a new horror movie is scaring the popcorn right out of viewers. Damien Leone’s ‘Terrifier 2’ is a clown-based slasher flick so violent, fans are apparently vomiting and fainting while watching it.

One film festival even gave out vomit bags to people going to see it. A fan wrote on Twitter, “My friend passed out and the theater called an ambulance. Highly recommend.”

I think this is the same PR that we saw years ago when ‘The Exorcist’ was released. Anything to draw attention to a film is good PR I guess. See it at your own risk.

12 Country Stars Share Their Favorite Halloween Costumes

Everyone has had their favorite costume from Halloween’s past including your favorite country stars. Check out some of their favorite Halloween costumes and memories below.

  • Chris Janson

    Chris Janson

    “I don’t dress up for Halloween, my kids do. My favorite Halloween costume they ever wore was…my second youngest wore a kangaroo outfit a couple of years ago when she was little. So, she was a kangaroo and it had a little baby kangaroo in the pouch…it was funny.”

  • Dan + Shay

    Dan + Shay

    “My best Halloween costume was when I dressed up with my buddies Shay and Pete Tracy, and we dressed up as the three monkey emojis from the iPhone…the one with the eyes closed, and the one with his ears closed.”

  • Gabby Barrett

    Gabby Barrett

    “My most memorable Halloween costume was definitely dressing up as Belle. I always loved super pretty princesses when I was younger, and I remember Belle was my favorite princess, so I had a big poofy yellow dress on, and my mom did a little tiny bit of makeup on me, and it was the cutest thing ever, and that was my favorite by far.”

  • Scotty McCreery

    Scotty McCreery

    “My favorite costume I had growing up was when I dressed up as Elvis Presley and I’d go to the front door of everybody and ask them for candy and when they’d give it to me I’d say ‘thank you, thank you very much’.”

  • Russell Dickerson

    Russell Dickerson

    “I think my favorite costume I’ve ever worn was The Jolly Green Giant. Yeah, like the green beans, that was me”.

  • Jake Owen

    Jake Owen

    “I was Pee-Wee Herman, one time for Halloween in college, and that was interesting. I also was a pirate when I was a kid, and I feel like I was a better pirate than I was Pee-Wee Herman.”



    “Caleigh, one time was Cleopatra, and I went as Caesar, but I was a Caesar dressing bottle instead of like Caesar, but I like the scary side too. So if I if I dress up for Halloween, I’ll do like a big gash in my neck or something.”

  • Ryan Hurd

    Ryan Hurd

    My favorite Halloween costume… hockey player as a kid, cause my dad used to make us wear rollerblades so we had to dress up with something that made sense with rollerblades, cause we was really intent on us getting as much candy as possible in our neighborhood, so speed was a factor. I was a hockey player every year growing up, which is cool cause now I’m such a massive hockey fan of the Nashville Predators. But as an adult, my favorite costume has been Left Shark, so the dancing shark from Katy Perry’s iconic Super Bowl Halftime Show. And then also one time at a Thomas Rhett concert, we covered Bruno Mars’s “24K Magic.” We dressed up as 24 magic carrots, and so I still have the carrot costume from that. It was me and Russell Dickerson and Kelsea Ballerini, and it was an excellent time.”

  • Eric Church

    Eric Church

    “My favorite Halloween costume was in my first year of college, there’s this thing they do every year in Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Halloween on Franklin Street. We drove down from Boone, North Carolina. I had a bunch of friends that went to the University of North Carolina, and we didn’t have costumes and didn’t realize until we were on the way that we had to have costumes. So, we stopped at a costume place in Greensboro, North Carolina. It’s Halloween, so there’s a run on everything and couldn’t find anything. And we end driving  around town. We end up finding this hole in the wall place, but they had the full costume, Sesame Street outfits. The real deal. The real ones [with] feathers and fur. We were Elmo, Cookie Monster and I was Big Bird, and the Big Bird was the actual Big Bird. It’s about 7-foot-4, and you looked out of the body and then you had these straps that went on since the head was a lot higher. There’s a lot of beer involved in Franklin Street, so we get down there and as the night went on, my straps broke, so the head would pivot. And so, I would be walking one way and the head would be facing the other, and it just became this funny…I didn’t know the head was on backwards. I had no idea. I see out of the body, so I’m just kinda walking around and people were talking to my ass-end. [laughs] The whole time people’d come up and start talking and go, ‘Hey, turn around.’ And I’d turn around, and they’d go, ‘No turn around.’ It was a mess. That year, there was no other Big Bird on Franklin Street.”

  • Jordan Davis

    Jordan Davis

    “I can remember being really big into Power Rangers. I always liked the Red Ranger. I remember being Red Ranger one Halloween. I remember me and my brother being big into the Ninja Turtles. I was Donatello one year, which I think was the purple turtle. I think, though, my favorite Halloween was I was in college and I went as Luigi from Mario and Luigi, and I actually grew a legit mustache and dyed it jet black and ran into an ex-girlfriend at the costume shop and completely forgot I had the mustache on. So, when I saw her, she was like, ‘So, you’re going with a mustache nowadays, huh?’ [laughs] I remember being like, ‘I swear this is part of my Halloween costume.’ [laughs] When I dyed my mustache, my top lip was black for a week. Like I really did dye it jet black.”

  • Luke Bryan

    Luke Bryan

    “Me and Caroline did one year where I dressed up as the old lady, and she dressed up as, she called herself a dirty old man. So, she went around acting like an old man saying snide comments to everybody. That was a fun one. The main thing is Caroline is a  big, she loves Halloween and always has.”

  • Travis Denning

    Travis Denning

    “Honestly, I think one of my most proud and embarrassing Halloween costumes is I went as Terry from Reno 9-1-1. I had the roller skates, the short-shorts, the tied-up shirt. Looking back, it wasn’t the manliest thing I ever did, but it got a lot of laughs. And I think that year my favorite candy I ever had was Busch Light.”