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 Yappy.com is hiring a ‘Chief Fluff Officer’. The job pays $10,000 a year. The company wants to turn your dog into an Instagram influencer. 
The job ad reads …. 
Look ‘furbulous’ and be camera-ready, groomed, and ready to go at the flash of the camera!
Be a content creator’s dream to work with – the hired Chief ‘Fluff’ dog should be comfortable showing off their best poses, sassy struts, tail wags, tricks, and expressions 
Create amazing content for Yappy featuring your latest haul of personalized products, designed just for you, with your own unique icon created by our team 
Must be socially savvy, with an established social media presence and at least two active social accounts (including Instagram and TikTok)
Good Luck.

The Most Popular Dog Breeds in North Carolina and More for 2022

What is the most popular dog breed in North Carolina? Well, grab your bone and ball because we are about to find out. I don’t own a dog yet, though my rabbit is pretty much like a small one.

Dogs can offer comfort and ease your worries. One day I will have a fluffy, playful pup all of my own. I mean the saying is true, dogs are man’s best friend. In North Carolina, 41.3% of North Carolina households own a dog. This is according to data from Pawlicy.

There are hundreds of different breeds of dogs, but what is the most popular? The American Kennel Club is the major canine registry in the US, and they’ve been releasing a list of the most popular breeds in America every year for decades. The number one most popular dog across the United States is the Labrador Retriever. This has been the most popular breed for over thirty years straight! According to Reader’s Digest, these are the most popular dog breeds for each state. This information was provided by the American Kennel Club for 2022. Warning, you’ll get an overload of cuteness and see a big trend in the dog breeds throughout the states.