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New way of imprisoning the mind

Wait a minute! How can a prisoner serve 1,000 years within 8 hours? Dr. Rebecca Roache has been speaking about it for some time now. This sounds like the Netflix Black Mirror episode of White Christmas. The future is here with new technologies to induce the mind into thinking one thing when something else is going on. This development has the power to change the landscape of punishment and the justice system forever. The industrialized prison system will still make money off of prison labor due to new technology and pharmaceuticals. A great example of that is the work that Dr. Rebecca Roache is doing. Roache leads a team of researchers that have created psychotic drugs that distort a person’s sense of time. Another crazy yet realistic option is uploading the human mind to computers. Check out a show on Prime called Upload that unfolds a bazaar way of capturing your consciousness. Upload is a science fiction comedy-drama television series created by Greg Daniels.

In Arizona, the Department of Corrections admits that their communities would “collapse” without cheap prison labor. I think we’ve talked about the top 10 companies using prison labor for profit. Walmart is one example of a corporation using prison inmates for its production of supplies. McDonald’s with the yellow arches has been using prison labor for many of its frozen foods. Wendy’s is on the list as well as Starbucks, Verison, Sprint, and even Nintendo. Don’t forget about Victoria’s Secret and a few car rentals and airline representatives. But when prisoners are released these companies won’t employ them. It’s a hot mess!

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