A sign on a two-lane country road welcomes residents and visitors to North Carolina.

Welcome to North Carolina where there’s so much to see and do. Here’s North Carolina’s biggest tourist trap according to Bestlife.  It’s actually a place I’ve never been to or even heard of for that matter haha. It’s called “Mary’s Gone Wild” in Supply, NC. Who? What? BestLife says the following about this crazy spot. With hit or miss reviews on Tripadvisor, Mary’s Gone Wild in Supply, North Carolina is an oddball tourist trap. Artist Mary Paulsen started making folk art from glass bottles in 1996 and now her thousands upon thousands of art pieces are available for public viewing. The Visionary Folk Art Garden and Doll Village have a philanthropic side too in abating childhood hunger, according to its website. So. tourist trap or art gallery, it’s the only place on this list that’s giving back.

There are a lot of comments from other people who echo the same. Including this Trip Advisor comment. “This place is interesting, somewhat dangerous to walk around so I wouldn’t bring children. There are lots of interesting things to see like the Coca-Cola shack but it looks like things haven’t been very well taken care of. Lots of junk everywhere and buildings are looking worn. Looks like it was once a very cool place though. The gates were open and there were signs that said come in but when we got there no one was there.”

Great! A tourist spot that children aren’t recommended to visit haha. I’ll give you another one that I think is kind of a waste. That’s Grandfather Mountain. It’s great to “hike and bike,” but to just visit? Eh. There’s better views from peaks all over the state! So now you know North Carolina’s biggest tourist trap.