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The one dish Debbie leaves to me. Fried turkey NEVER disappoints

Of the many things we added to our life’s repertoire from living in Augusta, Georgia, one that I utilize annually, is turkey frying.  When we first moved there in 1996, we worked with a gentleman who kept talking about “frying a turkey.”  We’d never heard of this.  For weeks, we acted like we knew what he was talking about until curiosity got the best of us, and we had to ask.  In my mind’s eye, I envisioned turkey that looked like a gigantic version of a drumstick rocking The Colonel’s Original Recipe.  Not even close.  Now, when you first have the process described to you, I get how it can be intimidating or even scary.  Especially when you see stuff like this all over the internet.

Keep this in mind:  these people are complete numbskulls and idiots.  You are not.  The benefits of frying a turkey are numerous, but among them are these.  It is the juiciest turkey you’ll ever have.  Period.  Also, it is a beautiful turkey.  The skin is a beautiful golden-brown and, in a world where every woman wants to post her Thanksgiving table, fried turkey is always an on-point centerpiece. And a fried turkey is punctual.  How many times have you and everyone else been ready to roll for Thanksgiving Dinner only to be held up by a turkey in the oven that can’t get done cooking-despite being in there FOR HOURS?!  IKR?  Fried turkey is an easy formula.  You can set your watch by when you want to eat and be ready within an hour.  Anyway, with the exception of one year since 1996 (we had Thanksgiving away from home), fried turkey has ALWAYS been our turkey of choice.  And it’s so easy.  I originally made this video several years ago, but here’s all you need to know.