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I’m going to be one hundred percent honest here.  When I first saw an internet ad for “Pirate fun coming to Charlotte.”  I rolled my eyes.  All I could think about is Myrtle Beach.  Our best friends have a condo there near the “Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show” facility.  NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, screams “tourist” like going to that show.

Look, I’m sure it’s a great time for the entire family and everyone has fun.  I’m just saying that when I go to Myrtle, I’m not going to go anywhere near a “tourist” spot.  After all these years, I’m past that.  Anyway, back to the event coming to the Queen City.  I’m so glad I gave the ad another look as upon second glance I saw “Ghosts, Pirates & Rum Experience” and the phrase “21 and older.”  That means, grown-ups only.  Oh, and did I mention, “rum?”  Here are all the details of the event going down a week from tomorrow (Dec 2), although there will be other dates in December as well.

“Step into an interactive experience where you join some mischievous pirates in the dead of night for a high energy show. The Pirates and Rum Experience is an interactive seated show, where Captain Barton Black and his crew tell you the legends of the Pirates of the South Seas while drinking rum and engaging in other activities. Prepare ye livers, as you will be served four different rum cocktails throughout the experience. This high energy experience will fully transport you into a pirating world of cocktails, mischief and treasures! Beware, as the night holds multiple surprises. Get your tickets for the Pirates and Rum Experience in Charlotte!”

It’s all happening at The Gilded Cellar in Charlotte’s South End.  You get 4 delicious rum cocktails that pair with each story. The event is a ninety-minute experience and again, 21+ with valid ID is required.