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The message is clear.  Don’t mess with “Chauncey,” the Coastal Carolina University Chanticleers mascot.  The “dog” mascot of the James Madison University Dukes apparently didn’t get that memo in advance of the football game between the two schools on Saturday.  To set the stage a little, here’s some background.  Coastal Carolina has won the East Division of the Sunbelt Conference and will play in the Conference Championship Game THIS weekend.  Their star, starting quarterback, Grayson McCall has been injured for the last several weeks and was not playing on Saturday.  So, basically, CCU had nothing to play for.  And acted like it.  James Madison blew their doors off on Saturday.  Final Score:  47-7.  As any athlete will tell you, getting beat like that does not put one in a good mood. <g>  And apparently, this vibe extends to mascots as well.  Case in point?  Check out what happens when James Madison’s dog continues to want to playfully interact with Chauncey, even when obviously told to back off.

When was the last time you saw cops having to break up a mascot fight?  In Texas, there’s a saying, “You mess with the bull, you get the horns.”  Adapted here, “Mess with the Chanticleer (rooster), you get the talons.”  When we say this video on Saturday night, our son burst into laughter.  He’s a junior at Coastal Carolina and was home for the Thanksgiving holiday.  He informed us that this is totally on brand.  More than once this semester he’s run into “Chauncey” in the most bizarre of circumstances.  The student currently “under the head” REALLY leans into his role.  Hogan (our son) said he was working out in the gym, looked over, and there’s Chauncey.  The rooster mascot was dressed in workout clothes, but still wearing the mascot head-doing reps with free weights.  Hogan’s spotted Chauncey riding a motorcycle to class.  Again, dressed as a normal human, except for the head.  Tuesdays during football season are “Teal Tuesdays,” where students are encouraged to wear the primary team color.  They joke you better hope Chauncey doesn’t catching you not repping the brand.  Seems to me, there may be more to that than just a joke. <g>

Ranking All 68 of the 2022 NCAA Tournament Teams By Their Mascots

The NCAA Tournament is here, and it’s time to rank the most important part of the tournament: the mascots.

Sure, there’s plenty of basketball analysis to be had this week, as Baylor aims to repeat, while Gonzaga looks for its first championship. But we’re not here for that right now.

We need to take a look at the stuff that matters. Is a Blue Devil more fearsome than a Tiger? Is a Zip more powerful than a Hokie? Wait… what’s a Zip?

So let’s rank all 68 teams in the 2022 NCAA Tournament based on the all-important mascot factors. For the sake of this discussion, this is completely arbitrary. Sometimes it’ll be whether one might win in a fight. Other times it might be because we’re really tired of cat-based teams (we see you Wildcats, Tigers, Cougars, Catamounts, etc.).

And now, on to the important rankings: