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Are morning people smarter than night owls?  There is a new study that answers the age old question.  This is science y’all ! A new study by the University of Ottawa reveals that morning people have higher intelligence than those who would rather stay up late and sleep in a little late.

Researchers studied dozens of volunteers before concluding that so called “morning people” demonstrated a higher level of intelligence related tasks.

Morning people tend to have superior verbal skills as well.  The results of this study was surprising to us and signals this is much more complicated than anyone thought before according to  To learn more get details here.

Here's Where The Panthers Rank Among The Smartest NFL Teams

The records and playoffs will tell what the best team is at the end of the season. But have you ever wondered who the smartest NFL teams are? You may not have- I know I didn’t- but it’s still an interesting thought! In college you have awards for the players and teams who do the best academically but once you get to the pros that can go under the radio. The focus tends to be on physical skills and less on mental. Though anyone with any knowledge of football will tell you the mental is just as important. Just having all that athletic ability doesn’t guarantee you wins if you can’t outsmart your opponent. Just because you’re twice as fast as your if they can strategize better they have a good chance at a win. With this in mind, have you ever wondered which are currently the smartest teams in the NFL?

And thanks to the NFL Combine and the Wonderlic test was able to determine the smartest NFL teams based on 2022 rosters. If you’re not familiar (I wasn’t) the Wonderlic test is an intelligence test given to draft prospects at the NFL Combine. Though this was halted this year after controversy. So ranked each NFL team by their average Wonderlic scores. And the Panthers? They came out very mid on this. Which I guess at least we aren’t towards the bottom! I just hope this season produces more wins!