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You know your football team stinks when skunks apparently have tickets.  Jeff Foxworthy made a large fortune writing jokes like this.  However, this one is so obvious and so bad, no respectable comedian would write it.  Then again, one could say, “As if The Cleveland Browns didn’t stink enough, now SKUNKS show up to games?”  Sunday’s contest between the Browns and the visiting Tampa Bay Buccaneers, found “Pepe Le Pew” choosing to take in an NFL game in person.

Skunk Invades Cleveland Browns Game

A Skunk invaded First Energy Stadium Today In Cleveland.Right after that happened, the Browns scored 13 straight points to shock the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. J...

At the end of the day, it was never made apparent as to how the skunk found its way into the stadium. And the skunk’s eventual fate? Unknown. After all, this is a skunk. Who is going to stay close enough to document its fate? In an interesting twist, the dreadful Browns came from behind to defeat the Bucs in overtime and the skunk has now been labeled a good luck, “rally skunk.”