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I always tell people that Sam Hunt taught me something a few years ago that I’d never gotten until that moment.  It had always been a mystery to me as to why a successful Nashville songwriter would EVER want to chase the dream of being a performer on the road.  One-night stands in smoky bars in front of small crowds, night in-night out, living on a bus or worse?  No thank you.  ESPECIALLY when you could just sit by your pool, write songs, and go to your mailbox every quarter and pull-out checks for big bucks.  Then we brought Sam Hunt on stage at one of our Stout Pull events.

Did you hear how loud the crowd was singing “Take Your Time” back to Sam?  There was a physical energy, an actually force, a wave, that was coming from the audio and washing over the entire stage.  I’ve never felt anything like that before or since.  It was a pure feeling of euphoria.  And it made me go, “AHA!  THAT’S why they do this.”  Trust me, I only felt that energy for one song sitting behind Sam.  If you get to feel that every night?  That may be the most addictive drug I could imagine.  Anyway, I’ve been a Sam Hunt fan ever since.  He has his own style and as a songwriter and lyricist he has a way of painting pictures with his music that ring true with me.  Perhaps never more than with his new song, “Start Nowhere.”

We are nearing the end of the year.  By the time we reach this part of the calendar, Debbie and I are baked.  Vacation is looming and it can’t get here soon enough.  I’m a big believer in “recharging your batteries.”  Some people do this by traveling and going places they’ve never been.  I’m the complete opposite.  I am made whole again by being in my favorite, familiar places (nowhere special) surrounded by my family and close friends.  This video of Sam’s life as a boy growing up in Georgia reminds me of this. “When I need to get back to who I am, there ain’t but just one road there.  Sometimes you gotta start Nowhere.”