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Well, someone beat Tom Cruise to the punch.  For the last year or so, Cruise has talked about his desire to shoot a movie in space.  No need for CGI of the cosmos as he would be in the thick of it.  And with space travel becoming privatized, this seems more than feasible.  This morning, “Maverick” must be pounding his fist in frustration as a Russian film, “The Challenge,” released this trailer.

I know, I know, this trailer is in Russian and there are no subtitles (yet).  BUT, hey…it was filmed in outer space!  How cool is this?!  One can only assume that Russian government was one hundred percent behind this (as their cooperation was compulsory).  The story goes that “The Challenge’s” Russian director took his lead actress and took off for outer space in October of 2021 and filmed for a few weeks.  Can you imagine this?  I mean there’s “filming on location” and then there’s THIS!  Anyway, since I know your curiosity is piqued.  Here’s the plot of “The Challenge.”  In the story, a female surgeon has to be flown into orbit and perform surgery on a cosmonaut that is too ill to survive the return trip to Earth.  Now, according to producers, the film will only contain about 30-40 minutes of actual space footage.  The rest was shot on good ol terra firma.  Still…

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