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“My name is Bond. James Bond.”  It may be the most famous and most repeated line in movie history.  And I’m willing to bet there’s not a man alive who, at least once, hasn’t uttered the line in the mirror just to see what it looked or sounded like.  Don’t shake your head, you know I’m right.  Anyway, as far as saying the line for real on the big screen, there are only a precious few.  The first (and many argue the best) was Sean Connery.  He portrayed British Secret Agent 007 in the first five movies of the series.  After the 5th, “You Only Live Twice,” he famously quit the role.  He would return for two more films later, but that’s a different story.  The man who replaced him in the role was Australian, George Lazenby (in his one and only outing as Bond).  The movie was “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”  The opening sequence of the movie ends with a tongue-in-cheek nod to the previous Bond (Connery).

“This never happened to the other fellow.”  It’s a great line and a great way to open what would become my favorite James Bond film.  Flash forward to today and I see there’s some sort of Bond documentary entitled “The Other Fellow.”  Immediately, I think, “Cool.  I love George Lazenby and his story about how he kissed fame and fortune away with his ego is great.  I’ve got to see this.”  Then I clicked on the trailer.  Oh now, this is something WAYYY different and much better.

“The Other Fellow” is about various men, from various countries, from various walks of life who have one thing in common:  their parents named them “James Bond.”  OH. MY. GAWD.  What parent would possibly do that to a child?!  It’s like one of the guys says in the trailer, you’re basically subjecting your kid to the same joke, over and over, every day of his life.  This is going to be a very cool watch.  “The Other Fellow” will be in select theaters and streaming on demand on February 17.

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