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A new controversy is plaguing the Judds. Ashley Judd has spoken out about a suicide note that was found after her suicide that involves her sister Wynonna.  Radar Online and the New York Post shared the note and pictures from the crime scene that reveals Naomi’s final wishes.  Following this coverage, Ashley shared a statement to her social media accounts signed by “The Judd and Strickland Families.”  “Our family is deeply distressed by the galling, irresponsible publication of and ongoing requests for details and images of our beloved mother and wife’s death by suicide because of the trauma and damage it does to those who view such materials and the contagion risk they pose to those who are vulnerable to self-harm,” the statement begins. Ashley called the media’s actions, “merely the crudest monetization of a family’s suffering and despair, and a flagrant disregard for public welfare,” as well as “a deep violation of our right to a modicum of decency and privacy in death.”   You can see the Instagram post below.

Look, I’m somewhat conflicted here.  On one hand as a child and a parent and a member of a family, I get it.  Losing a loved one is terrible.  Losing a loved one to suicide…I can’t even imagine the horror.  Grief can be a nightmare.  100% I empathize with Ashley, Wynonna and all members of the Judd family at this time and completely understand why they would be upset by this note being made public.


This is, unfortunately, the price of celebrity.  When you make that choice to live the life and receive all the good that goes with the life of being a celebrated public figure, you have to accept that privacy is often a casualty and sacrifice of this choice.  Would I have published the note?  Probably not.  Do I blame or harbor il will or disrespect toward any member of the media who made the other choice?  No.  It’s their job.

And like the choice The Judds made to be celebrities, media members make a choice to report news/facts.  And whether Ashley Judd wants to acknowledge it or not, this note is news related to the suicide of a well-known and much-loved celebrity.

Carrie Underwood, Maren Morris, And Many Fans React To The Death Of Naomi Judd

Shock and grief surround Nashville with the news of the death of Naomi Judd at age 76 today (4/30). Wynonna and Ashley Judd said on their social media in part, “We are shattered. We are navigating profound grief. We are in unknown territory.”

Just minutes after the news broke, country stars and fans alike took to Twitter to express their sadness for the loss of Judd, who was going to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame this year.”

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  • Hoda Kotb

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  • Silence So Deep

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