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In Resurfaced Video Tim McGraw delivered one of the best wedding gifts any bride could ask for.  In a clip from 2016 shared by Cinema Cake, a bride can be seen having a father-daughter dance at her wedding reception as the country singer made an appearance on stage. McGraw began singing his song, “My Little Girl,” as the bride and her father could be seen slow dancing along.  Soon after, the bride’s father could be seen hugging McGraw and thanking him for the performance, just as the country singer picked up the bride and kissed her on the forehead.    “He still will not reveal any of his secrets, so we have no idea,” Lisa revealed of her dad setting up the major surprise. “He is one for making big surprises happen. He pulled the surprise of a lifetime off, obviously.”

Okay, there’s a couple of things that needs to be unpacked her for the sake of my curiosity.  First, WHO exactly is this dad that he was able to pull this off?!  Trust me, unless Tim REALLY knows this guy or his daughter, this is not happening.  Now, don’t get me wrong.  It’s not that Tim wouldn’t want to provide such a special moment.  Rather, what you do for one, you feel like you have to do for all.  So, it’s just easier and much fairer to just say no.

Then there’s this:  the big “what if(s).”  What if Tim and his family just happened to be vacationing/staying at the spot the event took place.? What if the dad spotted Tim and broached the subject of doing this?  What if Faith said, “Aw, c’mon Tim.  It’s just one song and you will make this little girl’s life?” And what if Tim said, “Okay, but don’t tell anyone.”

Answers, please.

4 Other Times Tim McGraw And Faith Hill Confronted Fans On Stage

Tim McGraw made headlines yesterday (10/12) when he jumped off the stage and confronted a heckling fan at a show in Reno, Nevada.

It’s not the first time Tim has done this at one of his shows. His wife Faith Hill even confronted a fan during a show when one eager female fan tried to grab her husband in his private parts.

We’ve gathered footage of a few moments when the couple just wasn’t taking any crap from anyone. Note that the first one has a NSFW moment.

  • 2007 - Faith Hill Scolds Fan For Grabbing Tim

    A woman tried to grab Tim’s junk during a show, and his wife who came on after McGraw to perform, scolded the fan right from the stage saying as the music played, “You don’t go grabbing somebody else’s husband’s b—s. Do you understand me?”

    Faith Hill Scolding Fan for Grab

    McGraw is no stranger to grabby fans. Back in 2007, a woman tried to grab his junk ... and his wife, Faith Hill, was quick to give her a stern talking to.

  • 2008 - Tim Roughs Up Unruly Fan

    Tim was singing his final song, “Indian Outlaw,” when he spotted a fan acting unruly and called him out and grabbed him before security arrived to assist. He then pulled the guy on stage by his belt to remove him.

  • 2011 - McGraw Removes Fan For Hitting Girl

    From the stage, Tim spotted a fan fighting with his girlfriend. He said to the fan, “Hey, don’t hit the lady, don’t hit the girl.” McGraw then lifts the girl who got hit to the stage before he removed the guy. Other fans in the crowd cheered him on during the long confrontation.

  • 2014 - Tim Gets Annoyed At Female Fan for Not Letting Go of His Pants

    McGraw was walking through a crowd of fans from the stage when one fan grabbed his pant leg and wouldn’t let go. Tim slaps the fan till she releases him.