Starting Monday, the IRS will start accepting 2022 tax returns and begin issuing refunds. This year’s deadline to file is Tuesday, April 18th – giving procrastinators a few extra days due to April 15th falling on a Saturday this year. Hoping to get your refund quickly?  Better file online – people who file electronically with direct deposit can expect their refund within 21 days.  Paper returns could take much longer, with the IRS already sitting on a massive backlog.

Your refund might be smaller this year, with several pandemic-era tax breaks coming to an end. Financial expert Lynnette Khalfani-Cox told NPR, “People should absolutely expect smaller tax refunds this year. And frankly, some people might even owe the government money.”

“There are really four main reasons why,” she said. “The first is no more stimulus checks. The second is that what was called the enhanced child credit — that’s gone.”

A special pandemic-era tax break for charitable deductions was also nixed, Khalfani-Cox said. And even after a volatile year on the stock market, some people might face taxes on investment gains, especially if they own mutual funds that had to sell off stocks.

Charlotte And Another NC City Have the Highest Property Tax Increases In The Nation

According to the Wataugademocrat,  Charlotte city taxes are rising quickly! They also say many metro areas in southern states saw a high growth in property tax rates since last year.

Using analysis from real estate data platform ATTOM Data, Agent Advice examined the average property tax in more than 100 major metropolitan areas across the country to see where property taxes increased the most from 2020 to 2021 (the latest data available).

To be included, each metro area had to have a population of at least 500,000. Metro areas include the main city and its surrounding towns and suburbs. The average tax rate is calculated using the average estimated market value of homes in each area.

Charlotte came in #16 up 10.8% in property tax. Here are the top 5.

  • Number 5

    Winston-Salem, North Carolina: +20.52% increase in average property taxes

    Winston Salem

  • Number 4

    Chattanooga, Tennessee: +22.0% increase in average property taxes

    Chat TN

  • Number 3

    Knoxville, Tennessee: +22.2% increase in average property taxes

    Knoxville TN

  • Number 2

    Nashville, Tennessee: +27.0% increase in average property taxesNashville

  • Number 1

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania: +29.2% increase in average property taxesLancaster PA