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Garth Brooks got his long-talked-about tattoo when he traveled to Ireland to play several shows for his rabid fan base there. At the time, he wasn’t ready to show his tattoo off and didn’t give many details about it. This week, he did provide some tattoo details.

Garth said on Studio G on Monday (1/23), “The design is all ivy. My mom was a green thumb; my oldest daughter’s a green thumb.” He said that the ink he got on his left chest and back and down his left arm “has the dates in my life of the people who have made me want to live this life,” referring to his wife, his mom, and his daughters.

Garth also said that he is glad he answered his daughter’s challenge to get his first tattoo, “I never understood it. But having your three girls by your side the rest of your life, it’s like – you know they’re going to be there anyway, but it’s pretty cool to have it in ink, so it’s neat.”

Last year in January, Brooks revealed that he was getting his first tattoo. While he didn’t give all the details as to why he decided to get some ink, he said, “I owe my youngest a tattoo, and I’ve got to figure out what it’s going to be, but… it’s got to be done this year. We decided on it years ago, and this is the year I have to pay it off.” At the time, he did not say where the ink would be or what it would be.

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