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The Christmas season just wrapped up, but it’s never too early to look to next December.  So, production started on “A Biltmore Christmas.”  The Hallmark movie filming already got underway at North Carolina’s Biltmore Estate.  The channel expects to debut the film during Hallmark’s 2023 “Countdown to Christmas.”  According to WCNC, snow came to the Estate as production began.  Producers chose the site saying it provides the perfect backdrop for a Christmas themed film.  They indicate it’s a cinematographer’s dream, with beautiful naturally occurring shots in any direction you look.  They love the architecture, setting and land.  Production started this month with crews filming inside the Estate.  And, Biltmore officials took part in approving the script for the movie, starring Bethany Joy Lenz and Kristoffer Polaha.

With the Hallmark movie filming underway, the channel describes the story that focuses on screenwriter “Lucy.”  The character, tasked with a remake of a holiday classic, travels to Biltmore Estate for research on the script.  She breaks an hourglass while touring the estate.  And, of course, this takes her on a journey through time.  Lucy finds herself transported to 1946 and the Golden Age of Hollywood.  The leading man takes notice of her.  And, in true Hallmark formula, she rebuffs his attention.  But, as is the case with time travel, she has to be careful not to alter the future.  Lucy hopes some Christmas magic prevents the loss of her potential soulmate.  Sounds plausible.  As much as we poke fun at some of the syrupy “plots” of Hallmark movies, many of us get excited to see that “Countdown” every year.

North and South Carolina's Favorite Disney Channel Original Movies

Are you a fan of Disney Channel Original Movies? I know I am. When I was younger and a new movie was coming out on Disney Channel, it was the best night. Staying up waiting for that original movie intro and all of the fun things is beyond exciting. From High School Musical to Cheetah Girls to Camp Rock, the days of enjoying original movies were amazing. Although I may not be in grade school anymore, I certainly will go to Disney+ and watch some of my favorites in a heartbeat.

Rachel McCreight with Shane Co. created a list of each state’s favorite Disney Channel Original Movie. These movies were the movies that kids loved, sang, danced to, and everything in between all the time. We watched the premier, the sing a long version, and any sequel so excitingly. In order to determine the movies for each state, they turned to Google Trends to determine each state’s favorite. They used search terms from different sources like Collider, Cosmopolitan, and D23. Do you know what North and South Carolina’s favorite movies were? Find out below and tell us what you think!

  • North Carolina

    As for North Carolina, the favorite Disney Channel Original Movie is Descendants 3. Now, this is a bit newer and not one that I grew up on. But, I did watch these movies and I do enjoy them. I see why the kids now love and sing these songs 24/7 for sure. The movie first premiered in 2015 and took over instantly. Their third chapter Descendants 3 premiered in 2019.

  • South Carolina

    Now, on to South Carolina things are a little different. South Carolina’s favorite Disney Channel Original Movie is The Swap. This is one that I have never seen or heard about so I can’t give to much of my own opinion. The Swap premiered on Disney Channel in 2016. This teen film was part of Monstober in October of that year. Now, I am intrigued since South Carolina loves it, I might need to give it a test run.