Catherine Lane

Weekdays Morning Show Co Host/Middays

Dolly Parton is queen of the clap backs.  Seems she has had to do it for a lot of her career.  And this is a great one.  Dolly Parton reacts to a company selling “Keto” gummies in her name.

That’s right on online company is selling CBD and keto gummies  bearing Dolly Parton’s name.  How dare they?  Dolly says she has nothing to do with the products and says the company is scamming people by using her name and likeness.

Dolly is making news for a couple of other reasons this morning as well.  Dolly was named one of the most likeable people in America.  Other people on that list are Mr Rogers and Betty White.  Alex Trebek made the top of that list.  But seriously, everyone loves Dolly.  By the way Dolly has a great tip for us today as well.  She says the secret to her 56 year marriage to Carl Dean has been giving each other space.

Those aren’t the only reason why Dolly is in the news, this marks the anniversary of one of her most recognizable hits, “Jolene”.  It was number one back in 1974.  Its the true story of a “red headed huzzy” that worked at a bank and tried to make time with Carl Dean.  I guess you can guess who won that one.

Here is Dolly’s reaction to the company selling products in her name. She assures us she is more of a cake and cookie girl.  MY kind of girl.