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Oh what will those crazy kids in the marketing department think of next?  In the case of Home Depot, apparently, it’s a deep dive into the TikTok World.  It all got started back in 2019.  Chris Alicea posted a video from his Valencia Community College dorm room where he was jamming to the beat of Home Depot’s iconic theme music. Next thing you know, more than 1.2 million people had watched this.


More saving, more doing, Home Depot.

♬ original sound - Muñaño

According to Business Insider, that is the moment Home Depot organic social media manager Mike Cushing knew he had gold.  Cushing and his team then uploaded the theme song to social media platforms so that people could use it.  Fire.  Truly in this case, if you lead horses to water, they will drink.

Quick, run a search on TikTok for Home Depot’s them.  I’ll wait.  See what I mean?  You can get stuck in an entertaining and vast rabbit hole that would take you days if not longer to work through.  Smart business for Home Depot.  Who thinks it’s a bad idea to use that social media platform to engage Gen Z?  Exactly.  Oh, and just because I think it’s funny.  You’ve got to see this one.

Regardless of how you feel about former President Trump, funny is funny and must be shared.  And the former leader of the free world getting his groove on to the Home Depot beat is just too good not to be shared.

This The Most Popular TikTok Trend In North Carolina

If you’re anything like me you’ve spent plenty of hours sucked into watching TikTok. With the advent of 3-minute videos, just a quick couple of videos quickly adds up to a lot of time. Trends come and go on TikTok, and if you’re planning to make a video you better do it fast. But what are the most popular trends on TikTok these days? There is so much to watch from dances to songs, challenges, shopping lists, and more. But it seems like more than anything it’s the music that guides the platform. And TikTok certainly has a massive impact on songs and musical artists these days. Heck, I know every word to a portion of a song before I even know the name or artists behind it.

In order to determine the most popular TikTok song trend Coco & Eve compiled a list of trending songs and analyzed Google Search data to see where each ranked. The most popular song in the U.S. featured in numerous TikToks is Kate Bush’s Running Up That Hill. The song regained popularity thanks to the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things. But while that was the country’s favorite song, it didn’t take the crown in North Carolina. Think you know what did? Keep reading to find out. I have to say I’m going with Virginia as the winner for the “best’ song choice. If you know, you know.