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Was this brave, all for science or just a special kind of stupid? A diver hugs an eleven foot great white shark off the coast in South Carolina.  It is in the name of science. Lucky for us, it is all caught on video and lucky for the diver he lived to tell the tale.

According to the Daily Mail, wildlife photographer Taylor Horton is going viral for hugging the 11 foot great white shark so that it could be tagged.  In the heart stopping video you can see Taylor wielding a tagging apparatus.  Don’t worry , in theory the shark could not react because he was reportedly sedated.  Not sure I would have trusted that sedation.

Horton reportedly was successful tagging the shark so now when he makes his way back around to Hilton Head we will know about it.  To learn more and to see the video check out details in the Daily Mail right here.

South Carolina has been named one of the most dangerous places to be attacked by sharks. According to “A-Z Animals”, nine shark attacks occurred in South Carolina last year.  But those sharks were ,of course, not under sedation. Because of the sedation, this daredevil diver hugs an 11 foot great white shark and lives to tell the tale.

South Carolina Named One of World's Most Dangerous Places for Shark Attacks

If you’re like me, then when you go to the beach there is only one thing you think about, SHARKS! If it is one thing we have learned over the years, shark attacks can happen at just about any moment. From movies like Jaws to memorable shark attacks over the years, it’s the one thing we fear at the beach. While there are tons of precautions people try to take out nowadays, there are still some areas that are just known for high amounts of shark attacks.

How Stuff Works went through to determine which places are some of the most dangerous for shark attacks. From other countries like Brazil to U.S. spots like South Carolina, attacks happen worldwide. Although shark attacks are rare, it is good to know a bit about the beaches you may visit this summer or in the future. Here are How Stuff Works top 10 most dangerous places for shark attacks. Beware!