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When it comes to pizza, I guess the most common topping is probably pepperoni.  However, at this North Carolina pizza restaurant that made Yelp’s “most unique” in the nation list, a different topping brings the crowds.  According to The News & Observer, Pizzeria Toro in Durham was one of 20 spots in the nation to make the list.  And, it is the only one in North Carolina to appear in the top 20.  The NC Clams Pizza at Pizzeria Toro is the one that snagged the recognition.  The pizza is wood-fired and topped with chiles, pecorino cheese and whole clams.  One Yelp reviewer wrote, “Clams in the shell on a pizza might be my idea of heaven, now that I’ve tasted it.”  Yelp compiled the list after studying pizza spots across the nation.  The review service ranked on total volume, ratings and reviews using the term “unique pizza.”

Pizzeria Toro opened about a decade ago and is located on East Chapel Hill Street in downtown Durham.  Yelpers who enjoyed the NC Clams Pizza like the thin crust as well.  And, it earned four out of five stars.  Of course, Pizzeria Toro also offers traditional toppings in addition to the unique slices.  But, make sure you plan to dine in if ordering the specialty pizza.  The restaurant points out that it’s best enjoyed within minutes of coming out of the oven.  Therefore, it isn’t available to go.  So, if you find yourself in the Durham area, stop in for a slice at this North Carolina pizza restaurant that made the most unique in the nation list.

List: The 15 Best Italian Restaurants In Charlotte According To Open Table

There is just something about Italian food. Whether you want pizza, pasta, seafood, something light, or a little heavy. The flavors are simply to die for. And it can be done so many ways. But in a city like Charlotte with so many restaurants, it can be overwhelming to know where to try next. It seems like every day somewhere new is opening. Should you keep going to that chain you love? Is the neighborhood spot really the best? Are you missing out on incredible food? So let me offer you at least a little help. I went to to figure out what are considered the top Italian restaurants in Charlotte.

Several of these I’ve not yet tried. I have to say that after eating in the North End in Boston, nothing has compared. And I still dream of eating my way through Italy. But a lot on this list may be more authentic and closer to that. At least I hope so! This list features a variety of locations across the area. There are also date night spots and places you can go with your friends for a quick bite. Spoiler alert however there are some CLASSIC Charlotte spots that didn’t make this list. Keep in mind anything on it does use Open Table for reservations. So keep that in mind. That doesn’t change the fact that all the restaurants on this list come highly recommended. Some have 2-3,000 reviews!

Top 15 Italian Restaurants In Charlotte According To Open Table: