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I’m a lifelong sports fan.  As such, I’ve had multiple sports “heroes” in my life.  As a boy in Houston, Texas there was never any football player I could love more than Earl Campbell.  As someone who played basketball at a very high and competitive level, Michael Jordan is the man.  As a man who has been obsessed with golf as an adult, I can’t love Tiger Woods more.  All that being said, I’ve never been a big memorabilia guy.  I’m good with a souvenir here and there from events I attended and the memories of the games I was privileged to see.  Which leads me to this.  Last week, Tom Brady retired…for the final time.

You will never get an argument from me about Brady’s greatness.  He is the GOAT of quarterbacks.  His fanbase is huge.  Shoot, there’s even a movie out right now based on the story of old ladies venturing to a Super Bowl because they love Brady (Paramount Pictures “80 For Brady).  The picture atop this blog is from the premier.  I assume the people whose story is depicted in this film, are the type of people who would be into this.  For the current Ebay low price of $99,000, you can have a jar of sand from “the exact spot” Tom Brady recorded the video above.  You know this is all tongue-in-cheek (at least I hope so), BUT, I imagine if the seller is able to get a couple of dopes to bite on this, perhaps his/her retirement timeline would get sped up.

The Best (Positive & Negative) Reactions To Tom Brady's Un-Retirement

Not that I have any expectations (or at least positive ones) for the Panthers this season. But the bright side was at least we wouldn’t have to face Brady twice next season. Well, hate to break it to you if you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours. We do. The QB announced yesterday that he actually will return to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to play another season in the NFL. This comes just a few short weeks after Brady announced he was retiring from football. Why did I know I didn’t get that lucky. And as expected some people are THRILLED by this announcement. Others, such as myself, are banging their heads against the wall. And I’m not the only one. Twitter has been filled with all the reactions to Tom Brady’s un-retirement.

Listen he’s to GOAT, I can respect that. And the man is hot so I don’t mind having to look at him. But having had my first opportunity at watching my team win a championship stolen by this man, and then watching another team I love also lose in the big game to him, I’m not a fan. Yes, I’m bitter, yes I hold grudges. I’ll admit my faults. But I also say this about Alabama Football and any other dynasty-type team or player. If you’re not a fan of the team, it’s boring. But my suspicion is he wants to go out on a win and he has a very good chance to do so.

But like I said many, many people love him. And look I get it. So naturally, those people are ecstatic (especially Tampa Bay fans). Others are reveling in defeat. Many just find the whole situation comical, comparing it to the struggles we normal people are going through these days. But everyone has an opinion. And they are good. You’ve heard enough from me. Check out the best reactions to the announcement of Tom Brady’s un-retirement!

  • Time With Family? Not So Much

  • If He Can't Afford It How Can I?

  • The Grass Isn't Always Greener

  • Lol

  • Me. This Is Me.

  • Please no. Please please no.

  • I Mean It Probably Is, But How Do We Really Know?

  • Cold

  • Someone get him to church so he at least gets the dates correct!

  • Forget the NFC South teams. This guy loses the most

  • Maybe she didn't want him home?

  • This guy wins.

  • I mean they can pay someone to do that right?

  • Aren't we all failures compared to him?

  • All true!