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According to research by Compare the Market, one of Florida’s most popular travel destinations was recently named the world’s most expensive city for a family vacation.

Orlando, home to a handful of family-friendly theme parks and tourist sites, will cost a family of four on a seven-night vacation an average of $7,350. The family in the study consisted of two adults, a 10-year-old and a 5-year-old.

Foxbusiness, says that breaks down to $4,138 in lodging during peak season, $3,148 in activities and around $64 per day in other costs.

The Australian travel insurance comparison site ranked the cities based on the average combined cost of activities, hotels, and daily expenses.

Not far behind in second place was Rovaniemi, Finland, with the average vacation amount coming in at $7,082. Cost breakdown in this city, known as the “official home of Santa Claus,” was as follows: $4,138 for lodging during peak season, $476 in activities, and $52 per day in other expenses.

The Gold Coast in Australia took the third spot with an average vacation cost of $6,620. Lodging during peak season in this city would cost around $5,600, activities would be $972 and other daily costs would be around $48.

Rounding out the rest of the rankings were:

  • Vancouver, Canada: $4,836
  • London, United Kingdom: $4,139
  • Barcelona, Spain: $3,460
  • Queenstown, New Zealand: $3,400
  • Vienna, Austria: $2,776
  • Billund, Denmark: $2,711
  • Bali, Indonesia: $2,636
  • Osaka, Japan: $2,313

The least expensive city included in the study for a family of four was Nairobi, Kenya. For a seven-night stay, it would cost an average of $1,974 – $1,853 for lodging, $93 for activities, and $28 for other daily costs.

The Most Expensive Cities For Rent In North & South Carolina May Surprise You

Renters are feeling the pain of the housing crisis and inflation through with record-breaking rental prices. I know personally mine went up $200 a month when I resigned my lease in June. That’s an extra $2,400 a month which is not a small difference.Β  And while making day-to-day more expensive it also makes it more difficult for renters to save for a home and get out of the rent game. This prompted Lawn Love to conduct a study on the most expensive metros for rent. They compared 185 markets and discovered that the median rent in the country is $2,000. Ouch. I was shocked however at the most expensive cities for rent in both North and South Carolina.

I would have thought easily Charlotte would be the most expensive, but the Queen City is not. In fact, they are the 9th-ranked metro in the Carolinas. Ninth. And I thought we had it bad. The rankings are based on average rent prices and the year-over-year change, renters insurance, as well as a percentage of renters who spend 30% or more of their income on rent.

With housing prices still at record highs, there really is no relief for your average American these days. The probably is exasperated by rental companies coming in and buying up the limited supply of houses to then rent or flip to sell.Β Check out the 25 most expensive metros for rent in the country and the North & South Carolina rankings below.

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