Real estate agent sitting at the desk by the window and passing keys to his client in the office

Are you currently renting a place to live? I know, home ownership can be a big deal to some people. But there are a few who would prefer to just rent. Whether that is an apartment in a complex with the amenities they like or renting a home until they find exactly what they’re looking for to purchase. But, those behind the rental process are landlords. Landlords have tons of rules and regulations and some states are a bit more landlord friendly than others.

There are some states that are considered to be more “landlord friendly” than others. That’s pretty important to know if you want to rent out a property because you want to know what states are the least landlord friendly as well. Every state has specific rules when it comes to rental property and it’s important to know those rules that affect you. Real Wealth has compiled a list of the top 10 states that are the most and least landlord friendly. Crazy enough, South Carolina is one of the most landlord-friendly states in the country. The criteria that make a state landlord friendly include:

  • Not so complicated eviction process
  • No rent control
  • Low property taxes

On the top 10 list, South Carolina came in at No. 3. The average effective property tax in South Carolina is 0.56%. Homeowners pay an average of about $1,708 in annual property taxes. Not bad, right? Can you guess which states also made the top 10. Check out the full list here to see the 10 most and least landlord friendly states in the country.