Ever contemplated giving up your car? You may want to second guess that depending on where you live. Many people are recognizing that gas is truly an added expense. The price of gas and how much you may spend in gas each month can be ridiculous! That’s also why many people are switching over to electric cars. Charging a car instead of having to pay for gas can be quite beneficial.

On the other hand, there are some cities where owning a car may not be the best idea. It is nice to be able to live somewhere where you can rely on public transportation and not have to worry. Spend time on the train, subway, taxi, bus, or even walk! If you live somewhere like that, then owning a car may not be a necessity for you. Now, North Carolina is not home to any of those types of cities. Actually, North Carolina is home to one of the worst cities to live in without a car. Money Inc. collected a list of 20 of the worst cities to live in without a car. Coming in at No. 20 for North Carolina is the Queen City itself, Charlotte. Yeah, Charlotte is one of the worst places to live without a car. With limited public transportation and the spread-out area, it only makes sense to own a car in Charlotte. How else would you be able to enjoy the fun things that Charlotte has to offer?

Check out the full list here and see what other cities are among the worst to live in without a car.

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