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Have you ever been on a trip or vacation and while you were in that city you thought to yourself, “that building is ugly” well that isn’t the only ugly building in the country.  According to, they named the ugliest buildings in every state in the United States. You might be shocked as to what cities are home to the ugliest buildings in North and South Carolina.

South Carolina came in on the list at No. 30 and the city with the ugliest building is… Charleston! The building that is the “ugliest” in the state is the Holiday Inn Charleston-Riverview. Described on the site as having a scenic view but pretty rough living quarters. A Lot says the hotel is like “vacationing in a prison tower.” Now that is funny. You wouldn’t think such a hotel exist in that area of Charleston. But, it does! One review discusses how overpriced the hotel also is. Sucks to pay a lot of money for that type of experience.

North Carolina made it on the list at number 15. The city with the ugliest building is Asheville.  You’d never guess what building they said was the ugliest in the state. I was kinda shocked! They named the Biltmore Estate as the ugliest building in the state of North Carolina. The grounds itself may not be ugly but you can tell the actual building was built by someone with a lot of money and no sense. The design, architecture, and layout just to be considered complete nonsense. Which is wild since plenty of North Carolina people like to visit this place, often. See the full list here and what other buildings are pretty ugly across America.