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I have never been one to be star-struck.  However, it never fails that I become a wide-eyed 10-year-old when I run into heroes of my childhood as an adult.  For example, we had just moved into our home in Indian Trail and I went to work out at the Siskey (now Brace) YMCA.  As I’m walking out, I look to my left and on the bench press was none other than pro wrestling legend, “The Enforcer, Arn Anderson.”  I almost couldn’t speak, luckily, he did.  We had a quick, but pleasant conversation and I walked away once again realizing celebrities are no different that you and me.  Unfortunately, another reminder of this came to pass over the weekend.

Anderson (real name Martin Lunde) has now experienced the nightmare of all nightmares, losing a child.  No mother and no father should ever live to see that day.

Anderson is a member of the WWE Hall of Fame and currently works behind the scenes in the AEW wrestling promotion where his other son, Brock is working as a sports entertainer.  No cause of death for Barrett Lunde has been given.

When I read this, my mind immediately went back to that meeting at the YMCA.  Regardless of what we did for a living, we were just two fathers, sneaking in a quick workout on a Saturday morning before having to do “dad things.”  I pray I never have to do and deal with what Martin “Arn Anderson” Lunde is today.

Barret Lunde was 37 years old.