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That title is probably throwing you off, but it’s true. This indeed just happened in South Carolina. A family business in South Carolina was recently robbed of more than a million dollars in jewelry. But, that’s not the craziest part.

WYFF 4 reports that the robbery was completely caught on tape. The family business in Spartanburg, South Carolina was robbed on March 6th. The thieves took more than a million dollars in jewelry and the entire robbery is caught on camera. Queens Jeweler in Spartanburg was robbed about an hour and a half after closing the store on March 6th. The article states that the owner got an alert on his phone from the camera and could see the entire robbery. There seem to have been three robbers and they took everything from Rolex watches to rings to gold chains and more!

If you are interested in seeing the footage of the robbery, click here to view the original article.