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Sure I like Chinese food, who doesn’t?  I prefer mine with tons of veggies and with not too much seasoning.  Whatever your favorite version, there are plenty of Chinese restaurants to choose from in Charlotte.  Here is the best Chinese restaurant in Charlotte according to Tripadvisor.

Chinese food is the number one ethnic food in the United States.  Year after year it is neck and neck with Mexican food as America’s favorite  There are over 40,000 Chinese restaurants in the United States.  Here in Charlotte, North Carolina it seems like there is one on every corner.

Here is a fun fact from Tripadvisor, there are a couple of food items on the Chinese food menu that were actually created in the United States.  For example, General Tso’s Chicken?  Invented right here in the good ol U.S. of A.  And this will blow your mind, so are fortune cookies!

With so many Chinese restaurants to choose from which one is the best?  Tripadvisor says it is The Baoding .  For the complete list of the best Chinese restaurants in Charlotte get all the details right here.

5 Charlotte North Carolina Restaurants With Open Reservations For An Outdoor Dining Tonight

The weather couldn’t be better this week, especially for the beginning of March.  I’m itching to get outside and enjoy it. (And to my boss, if I’m MIA this afternoon it’s because I’m working by my pool). So, if you’re anything like me this weather has looking for every excuse to enjoy it. So if you’re like me consider making a last-minute dinner reservation somewhere you can eat outside. But where? When the weather is this nice, everyone is going to be looking to do the same. I took a quick look at OpenTable to see if it’s even possible to get an outdoor reservation for tonight. And the good news is it is possible. There are several Charlotte restaurants that have reservations for outdoor dining.

You can view the full list in real-time here or view five of my favorite spots that are available for dinner tonight. This is accurate as of lunchtime on March 1st. But even if you are reading this later, there is a good chance these restaurants are available then as well. Looking for another spot to check out? Here are some of the best patios in Charlotte! I hope the weather stays this nice in Charlotte and we can enjoy plenty of outdoor dining!