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This is a girls trip like no other. 10 Charlotte area women hiked Mt Kilimanjaro.  Let’s wrap our heads around that for a minute.  This is one of the highest peaks in the entire world and these ladies decided to take it on together.

WSOCTV reports the ladies trained at Crowders Mountain in Gaston County.  And at 19,300 feet Mt Kilimanjaro is twelve times the size of Crowders. They tell reporter Ken Lemon that some were inspired by the love of the outdoors, others inspired by the feeling of accomplishment something like that might bring.  Some wanted to inspire other women to live a healthy active lifestyle.

The ladies reportedly were very challenged by the harsh and oppressive winds.  No matter the conditions, they pressed on.  One of the climbers called the experience “life changing”, another “soulful”.  And as they were being interviewed by Ken Lemon on the top of Crowders Mountain they shared with him their mantra, “One team, one dream, Nonstop, to the top!” Oh, and did I mention that one of these ladies is 61 years old?

As a woman and just as a person, this story inspired me to move more, do more, accomplish more, dream bigger.  To learn more about the incredible ten interviewed on Channel 9, get details right here.

6 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Older Women in North Carolina

When I get older, I will be wearing make-up. Why? because I love it. Look Fabulous Forever conducted research to dispel six beauty myths that are deeply rooted in the beauty industry. Women in North Carolina were included in this research.

The myth that older women don’t need special formulations or that they can’t buy makeup online is some of the most common beauty myths spread among the older generation. It’s often said that ‘less is more when it comes to beauty products for mature women, but is that true?

There are many beauty industry myths, from women not buying makeup online to rules against wearing bright lipstick. This sends a false message to women looking to enjoy the world of glamour at any age. Based on these findings, direct-to-consumer cosmetics and skincare brand Look Fabulous Forever has conducted research to unmask the six beauty myths ingrained in the DNA of all large beauty brands.

  • Older Women Should Never Wear Bright Lipstick

    Often, older women feel the pressure that things that once suited them are no longer suitable for them because they are older. As a result, they keep their lipstick colors simple. In the world of beauty, there is no sell-by date, so if you want to wear bright lipstick, wear it.

  • Older women can be ‘still beautiful’ but never just beautiful

    Fashions in what kind of face is deemed attractive change over time, so our perception of beauty changes as well. Nevertheless, the idea of beauty never ages. In contrast to younger women who are more likely to be titled simply ‘beautiful’ without any caveats, women of older age will be complimented as ‘still beautiful’ despite their age.

    Happy mid aged Asian woman looking at mirror. Antiaging beauty care concept.

  • Older Women Don’t Need Special Formulations

    On an older skin, what suits a young skin will not look the same. Despite being the largest organ in the body, the skin is one of the most exposed to environmental factors. Pollutants and sun damage will impact the condition of your skin, as well as lifestyle habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. In addition, menopause is accompanied by a loss of estrogen, elastin, and collagen. There’s no reason to assume that makeup created for 20-year-olds will work for someone much older. Choose the right makeup for your skin type.

  • Older Women Don’t Wear Makeup

    Women over 50 don’t want to wear make-up but instead want anti-aging skincare products instead. The customer research conducted by Look Fabulous Forever has revealed this to be untrue. When you hit your fifties, messages such as ‘Get the London Look’ quickly change to ‘Prevent the 7 Visible Signs of Ageing’. There is a wide variety of makeup products that suit and complement mature skin, so you don’t have to miss out on them.

    Old Woman Skincare Cream

  • Less is More with Make-up the Older you get

    According to a common beauty myth, makeup can accentuate facial lines and wrinkles, so you should use less if you have older skin. Often, this will depend on the application, but it’s all about picking the right formulation. Make sure that the formulation of your products works with the needs of older skin. Makeup can instantly restore your color and definition, whether you’re young or old when the products and application are right for you.

  • Older Women won’t buy Makeup Online

    Another belief that is shared amongst the beauty industry and beyond is that older women can’t manage technology or understand the internet. And whilst this may be true for some of the older generations, it is not true for all. There are many brands out there that will do everything they can to support and guide older women online such as, making their websites accessible for all and offering a real-life human customer advice service for those seeking help.

    Glamorous woman putting on makeup