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Luke Combs said in a recent interview that he couldn’t wait till his son Tex gets older and he can take him outdoors for some fun. Luke noted, “I’m looking forward to pushing him in the swing, throwing the ball with the dog, going fishing.” He added, “When they’re that age, they don’t care who I am. He loves me because I’m there for him. That’s it, and I don’t want to rush that either.”

Combs kicks off his 2023 World Tour on March 25, and he admits that’s a lot to handle with a new baby. He said, “The beauty of it is that for the first few months, it will be one show a week. That’s a lot of time at home with my family. The Europe tour is three weeks; then I’m off for five weeks. It’s the biggest tour, but the least number of shows. And we’ll play for about a million people.”

So, will he bring the eight-month-old along for the tour? “No, Tex is so little; his schedule is so important to his development. There’s not much for him to do on the road except sit on the bus. There are more support services here for him.”

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Luke recently said of his latest number-one song, “Going, Going, Gone,” “We wrote that song, that riff was just there, and it was undeniable in the room. And I pulled that idea out, and it just made sense to all of us. I feel like that track, if I’m, remembering correctly, that’s the last track on Growin’ Up.”

He added, “The point of that was to go, ‘Okay, well, this is where we’re going, right?’ Like I didn’t announce when Growin’ Up came out that there was going to be a second part to this thing. And really, there’s not. But I wanted people to go, ‘Okay, well, this track 12, I really liked that thing. It’s this new sound; it’s different. It’s something else, but I still love it, and I still can relate to it.’ I wanted to let people know that that’s kind of where this was going right, like leading into this next album.”

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