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If only there was a way to go back in time to say, January of 2020.  No, I don’t WANT to relive that year (who would?!).  I just want to have the knowledge I do now, and invest-HEAVILY-in Zoom.  Can you imagine the wealth?  There were a number of businesses who thrived during the pandemic.  None can hold a candle on the thrive meter to Zoom, right?  Anyway, I digress.

Once we all started meeting “in person” on camera, we did what people do.  We screwed up.  A lot.  Hardly a week went by in the spring and summer of 2020 that we weren’t bombarded by pictures and videos of all sorts of gaffes.  You had people not wearing pants who thought they couldn’t be seen below the waist.  Wrong.  You had people who were set up in places in their homes that allowed clear view of bathrooms in the background.  And that means there was clear view of people walking in and out of showers.  Nice.  However, the OG of video “oopsies” is celebrating its 6th anniversary this week.  Yup, LONG before screwing up on video was in vogue.

Back in 2017 Professor Robert E. Kelly was being interviewed-via video-about South Korea by the BBC.  Suddenly, out of nowhere, his kids decide to crash the party.  Soon thereafter, his wife rushes to gather up her wayward flock.  In retrospect, Kelly remains remarkably composed.

Well, as I mentioned earlier, this week marks the 6th anniversary of this blessed event.  Professor Kelly continues to remain markedly composed.  In celebration, he’s tweeted out a family update.  If you wonder what happened to those kids, if you wonder if they survived their mother’s wrath in 2017, well wonder no more.

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