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You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone day is coming, and if you’re wondering where to get yours in North Carolina, we’ll help you.  Charlotte On The Cheap reports the return of the event on April 3 marks the first time since 2019.  Of course, Ben & Jerry’s is one of the favorite brands.  But, let’s be honest about ice cream.  I, personally, can’t think of an ice cream that’s not delicious.  My personal favorites of any brand are something involving cookie dough or butter pecan.  Do you know how Ben & Jerry’s began?  According to their website, it started with 2 guys in 1978 in a renovated gas station in Burlington, Vermont.  Ben and Jerry took a $5 correspondence course in ice cream making and borrowed some money before investing $12,000 to open that first shop.  And, a year later, they hosted the first free cone day.  Since then, Ben & Jerry’s free cone day scooped more than a million scoops!

And, the iconic flavors introduced over the years are unforgettable.  Who remembers “Cherry Garcia?”  It came along in 1987 named for the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia.  It came at the prompting from some “Deadheads” from Maine.  And, in 1997 “Phish Food” came along inspired by Vermont-based group “Phish”.  So, we celebrate the return of Ben & Jerry’s Free Cone Day.  And, if you’re wondering where to get yours in Charlotte, just check the website.  It appears the shop at 7800 Fairview Rd. in Charlotte and 507 Providence Rd. in the Meyers Park area plan to participate.  For details and more shops throughout the Carolinas, just visit  Happy scooping!

North Carolina Ice Cream Shop Named One of America's Must Try Ice Cream Shops

I absolutely love ice cream, clearly. I enjoy writing about it every chance I get. But, this heat that has come to us this summer makes ice cream even more enjoyable. Finding new ice cream shops to enjoy can be not only fun but very cooling. My sweet tooth is always ringing for something new. Beyond the typical ice cream, finding cool shops that are uniquely different is even better.

Thrillist gathered a list of America’s best ice cream shops that we probably all need to try. Thankfully, one North Carolina ice cream shop made this long list. It’s located in Durham and I personally have never been, but just know it has been added to my bucket list. The ice cream shops on the list represent a new wave of artisan shops taking ice cream to the next level. From wild flavors to unique tricks to even “healthy” ice cream. I know, that’s a lot. Sit back and grab your spoon or your waffle cone and get ready to indulge in this sweet list. Here are some of America’s must-try ice cream shops!