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We all know the United States is growing more and more every single day. The estimated population of the United States is more than 334,000,000 people. Now that is certainly a lot of people. Even with that many people in one country, we’re not always spread out so evenly. There are some states that are home to more than double the number of people than other states. I know, can you imagine? But, think about places like California or Texas compared to places like Rhode Island or North Dakota. The numbers are just extremely different.

A-Z Animals curated a list of the 10 most populous states within the United States. The most populous states usually have a wide variety of factors that drive so much traffic. From weather conditions, coastal living, mountain living, cost of living, and job opportunities some states just boom more than others. Speaking of large states, North Carolina ranked as one of the most populous states in the country. North Carolina came in at No. 9 on the top 10 list of most populous states in America during the time of the article. North Carolina is home to more than 10,400,000 people. Not only that, but right here Charlotte is the most populous city in the state. From the beaches and mountains to jobs and a good housing market.

Wondering what other states made the list of the most populous states in the country. Check out the full list here and see which state is No. 1. You can probably take a good guess I am sure!