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One of the exciting things about live radio is it is just that, live.  There is no second chance.  Anything can happen.  That is a double-edged sword.  Bad things are just as likely as good.  For the most part, television is pre-recorded.  The exception?  Newscasts.  So, if anything bad is going to occur, it’s then.  Case in point.  Alissa Carlson is a weekend weather anchor for KCAL News in Los Angeles.  During a recent morning newscast, one of the scariest incidents I’ve ever seen captured on live TV took place.

Let’s get past the actual incident-which was frightening.  Equally if not scarier was the reaction of her coworkers at the anchor desk.  How about that reaction as Alissa Carlson disappears below the desk?  “Oh no, not again.”

WHAT?!  “Not again?!”  Exactly how often does someone take a header on the set of KCAL that “Not again?!” is the first reaction?  Crazy.

Anyway, all is well, Carlson merely fainted.  However, there doesn’t appear to be a solid explanation as to why.  Earlier in her life, Alissa had been diagnosed with a leaky heart valve and was told that eventually it would wear out and need to be replaced.  This diagnosis inspired her to get healthier in her lifestyle (diet, lose weight, etc.).  Then, she gave birth to a baby girl.  Doctors discovered that her baby’s stem cells had somehow initiated Carlson’s heart to repair itself.  So, this was not the cause of her loss of consciousness.

Alissa Carlson has not yet returned to the station but hopes too soon.

North and South Carolina Voted Among States With the Best Weather Year Round

Maybe you are contemplating relocating this year. Or maybe you want a new go-to vacation spot. Either way, you are probably calculating the weather in some states to see what it’s like. Some people like to plan their vacations based on the average weather in the area during that time of year. I have a winter birthday and tend to book trips to destinations that are warmer so I can get a feel for summer during my birthday. Some people would prefer it to feel pretty close to summer or at least not too cold, all year round.

Current Results knows how much people care about a destination having great weather year-round. So, they calculated a list of states with the best weather year-round. Shockingly, both the Carolinas made the top 10. I guess when you think about it, even when we’re cold down here it is not half as bad as the northern winter areas. To make the list, the states meet the following criteria:

  • Comfortable temperatures, with daily highs averaging between 63 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit for at least half of the year
  • Dry weather, at most 60 in. of rain a year
  • Mainly clear skies, with sunshine for at least 60% of daylight time on a yearly average

Check out the list below to see where the Carolinas fall compared to other states.