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How often do you search a word just to find out how to spell it? Thank goodness for autocorrecting tools and Google search. Without it, most of us would be in trouble. (Of course, back in the day, there were things called “dictionaries” and “thesauruses”).

If you’re wondering what words people are Google searching to make sure they spelled them correctly, well you’re in luck. Using data from, Mental Floss looked at Google search stats to find the most common words people find difficult to spell. According to them, the list includes words like restaurant, niece, and beautiful. Yes, there are probably harder words – but these are the top ten that are commonly used.

The results shown on the list come from Google searches from the past year and found that “restaurant” pulls an estimated 95,000 spelling-related searches per month. The word “restaurant” can stop a person in their tracks.

The Top 10

1. Restaurant
One can see how you can misspell restaurant. The “A-U” in the middle seems to be the main problem for most people. Its monthly search volume is on the higher end with 95,000 searches.

2. Pneumonia

There’s a silent “P” in pneumonia. You can’t hear it when you say it but it’s there. Its monthly search volume is around 13,000 searches.

3. Appreciate

How many “P’s” are this word? Well, two. The word “appreciate” can stump people halfway through the middle when it comes to a “C” versus an “S.” Its monthly search may not be the highest but it’s at about 11,000 searches per month.

4. Receipt

This word brings up a phrase you can never forget, “it’s ‘I’ before ‘E’ except after ‘C.'” Its monthly search count is 9,700.

5. Beautiful

How often do you see the dreadful double L in the word beautiful? There’s one if you were wondering. It also has three vowels in a row. It helps to sing the vowels “E-A-U” while spelling the word. Its monthly search is not too far from the word “receipt.” It is searched around 9,400 times a month.

6. Niece

People can’t remember if it’s an “I-E” or an “E-I”. Its monthly search count is 9,200.

7. Maintenance

Towards the end of the word “maintenance,” some people forget where the “A’s” and “E’s” go. Its monthly search count is about 8,500.

8. Bougie

Pronounced “booj-ee,” this word is often misspelled in confusion of the slang term “boujee.” It is how Migos spelled it in their song titled ‘Bad and Boujee‘ featuring Lil Uzi Vert. Its monthly search is 8,300.

9. Diarrhea

How often are you using the word diarrhea to spell it? One would need to when experiencing certain symptoms. Not too far from the word “bougie,” with its monthly searches. Its search total is 8,200.

10. Congratulations

Congratulations is probably searched for correct spelling due to how often we write it on social media. You wouldn’t want to misspell this word on Linkedin under a post. Its monthly searches is the lowest of the ten listed at 7,100 searches.

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