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Drinksbusiness.com says a German brewery is sharing what it claims is the world’s first powdered beer. Brewmasters at the Neuzeller Kloster Brewery say, “We’ve invented a completely new product. Beer powder like this is the first in the world. Just add powder, and water, and stir.”

Creators say the eco-friendly concept could cut the need for bottles, crates, and kegs, reducing the heavy carbon footprint of beer exports.  The first tastings have been promising, but the powder is alcohol-free for now. Brewers are hoping to add that element in the final stages before rolling out the product by the end of the year. What food or beverage would you like to powder?

North Carolina City Named the No. 1 Best U.S. City for Beer Lovers

CHEERS! Are you a beer drinker? Do you travel to new places and have to try some of their local beer? If so, then you are for sure in the right place. The United States is filled with many beer lovers from all across the country. Thanks to craft beer, people are now looking for the best local breweries to enjoy a good drink while on vacation. So, where should beer lovers travel for some of the best options? You’re in the right place to find out!

Best Life Online curated a list of the top 10 U.S. cities to visit for all the beer lovers out there. Lucky for us, one North Carolina city not only made the list but was deemed No. 1. That’s right! This North Carolina city is the BEST city for beer lovers. Can you guess which one off the top of your head? Experts say these cities are the perfect destinations for some of the best beer in the country. Find out which North Carolina city and other cities made the list!