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With all that we talk about on the radio each day, it shouldn’t surprise me how much this happens.  Serendipity is almost a constant.  For example, yesterday we talked about a survey from Sandals Resorts listing the most romantic dates.  By the way, if you missed it, here they are:   1.  watching the sunset (55%) 2.  trying new restaurants and shops (52%) 3.  adventurous outings (51%).  This led to a conversation about the date he thought was romantic, but in practical application…not so much.

Then, in yet another serendipitous moment, I come across this story of a man who may be the most romantic dude in the world.  And it’s important to point out that what he does is so simple.  Guys, you can never go wrong with flowers.  But hey, I know.  Flowers are expensive.  ESPECIALLY if you’re trying to gift them on the regular.  That’s what sets Iancu Barbarasa apart.  My man, every day, draws a flower for his girl and leaves it for her.  Now, it must be pointed out, Barbarasa is a London based graphic designer and illustrator, so he has an artistic edge on all of us.  But still.  The way I see it, you can either block this blog from your partner’s feed or come up with your own daily expression of love that will satisfy on this level.  No pressure, right?

Anyway, Iancu Barbarasa recently put together all his drawings into this short film.  Again fellas, hide this at your own peril.  The alternative of course is to step up your game.

Here Are The Top Five Places In South Carolina To Find Love

You live in North Carolina or South Carolina and you would rather not go out of the Carolinas to find love.  And there is no reason to look any where else.  According to Google, 50 percent of South Carolina’s population is single.  There are lots of fish in this Palmetto tree. Here are the top five places in South Carolina to find love.

It seems like when you look around, everyone is taken but maybe you just aren’t looking in the right pond.  That is where Only In Your State comes in.  They have ranked the best places in South Carolina to find love.

According to Only In Your State: “Being single isn’t easy. It definitely isn’t easy if you live in a place where there’s not a good moving crowd of other singles. Many singles ask themselves where should they live if they’re single. Where is all the good nightlife, the entertainment, and the other single people? South Carolina has a lot of places for singles to mingle. Here is a list of the top best places you should think about moving to if you’re single and looking to change that.”

If you don’t want to move to these places, you might just want to visit.  Some you may even be very familiar with.  Get Details from Only In Your State right here.