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Carrie Underwood is marking the tenth anniversary of her C.A.T.S Foundation in her native Checotah, Oklahoma, helping to spay and neuter pets. Underwood posted a video clip to her Instagram thanking those who have helped with her foundation’s “Happy Paws” arm.

In the video clip, she wore a black hoodie sweatshirt that showed two classic images of Sissy Spacek from the 1976 horror film Carrie that read: “If you’ve got a taste for terror, then take Carrie to the prom.”

She said in the video, “As a lot of you guys know, my mom and my aunt Donna and an amazing team of volunteers run the Happy Paws Animal Shelter in my hometown of Checotah, Oklahoma. That’s funded by my C.A.T.S Foundation, this year is my tenth year for the spray and neuter program, and I just wanted to share that today we have fixed 37,833 animals; yay!”

She added, “I just wanted to be sure to thank Dr.Robins, the vet, and his wonderful team. And again everybody who helps out each week at the shelter for helping to control the pet population in Oklahoma. There’s a lot of love and a lot of care put into that place, and I just wanted to share how proud I am of everybody. So thank you, guys.”


Established in 2009, the C.A.T.S. Foundation helps to improve Checotah, Oklahoma, by assisting with causes and fulfilling needs. It also provides services to the community and surrounding area.

Carrie said of her foundation, “My hometown is extremely supportive of me and I feel blessed to be able to create something as a way of giving back, to say thank you.”

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Last month, while on stage playing a show in Charlotte (2/8), Underwood shared with the crowd that she, her husband, and sons have a new family member: a new puppy.

After technical difficulties prompted her to chat a bit, Carrie told the crowd, “I adopted a puppy. Don’t tell my children. It’s a surprise.” An audience member asked her about the new puppy’s breed; she said, “I don’t know. The best kind. The rescue kind. We’re shelter dog people. That’s how we roll.”


Top Five Country Songs About Dogs

  • 5 - "The More Boys I Meet" - Carrie Underwood (2007)

    An early song from Carrie telling who she prefers her canine to the dating scene. The chorus sings, “And, I, I close my eyes / And, I kiss that frog / Each time finding / The more boys I meet, the more I love my dog.”

  • 4 - "I'll Name the Dogs" - Blake Shelton (2017)

    Blake won the CMT Music Awards’ Video of the Year award for the video for this song in 2018. The song’s chorus includes the lyrics, “I’ll hang the pictures, you’ll hang the stars / You’ll pick the paint, I’ll pick a guitar / Sing you a song out there with the crickets and the frogs / You’ll name the babies, and I’ll name the dogs, yeah.”

  • 3 - "All Dogs Go to Heaven" - Chris Young (2023)

    A great song about losing your best friend. The chorus sings, “All dogs go to Heaven / To spend forever running wild and free, off the leash / I know he’ll probably go before me / Oh, and that’s the day I’m dreadin’ / But he’ll be waiting on me at the gates / ‘Cause all dogs go to Heaven.”

  • 2 - "Maggie's Song" - Chris Stapleton (2020)

    Chris wrote this song about losing his family’s beloved lab terrier dog.

  • 1- "Ol' Red" - Blake Shelton (2001)

    Blake’s version of this song has become a classic and is also the name of his bars in various cities, including Nashville, soon in Las Vegas, and in Oklahoma. The song was originally recorded by George Jones on his 1990 album; You Oughta Be Here with Me. Kenny Rogers also covered it on his 1993 album If Only My Heart Had a Voice. The chorus includes the lyrics, “And the warden sang / Come on somebody / Why don’t you run / Ol’ Red’s itchin’ to have a little fun / Get my lantern / Get my gun / Red’ll have you treed before the mornin’ comes.”