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Life is full of many mysteries.  When you live with a foodie, you’re made aware of how many exist in the pop culinary world.  “What exactly is The Colonel’s Original Recipe?”  “Chick-Fil-A Sauce…what’s in that?”  “Is the Big Mac’s sauce just Thousand Island Dressing or is it something else?”  These are just a few that have been tackled in our kitchen.  However, there is one mystery that has confounded foodies and novices alike for a century.  “What’s the best way to twist an Oreo Cookie apart?”

The trick is to do it where cream is on both sides of the separated sandwich cookie.  Sure, you can pull it off every now and again, but consistency, is it possible?  When in doubt, involve the nerds.  Scientists recently took 1000 Oreos and a rheometer and went to work.  The idea was to figure out what level of torsion on each side of the cookie was necessary to ensure cream on both chocolate cookies upon separation by twist.  The results?  This is a really tough task, and speed doesn’t matter.  80% of the time, Oreo separation left cream filling on only one side.  To get cream filling equality, slow is the only way to go.  The slowest twist speed took FIVE MINUTES, but the cream was on both sides.  Whereas when set at a speed of 100 times that of a human twist, cream was ripped off both sides.  Bottom line.  We must be satisfied with failure 80% of the time.  Then again, failure still involves eating an Oreo, arguably the greatest snack cookies ever.  So, not a bad thing.

The Most Popular Cookie in North Carolina is a Classic

If I had to choose one simple dessert to enjoy for the rest of my life, I would choose cookies. Although I am not sure what my favorite cookie is, I really love double chocolate chip cookies. I also really love Oreos with milk.

The favorite cookie of North Carolina is a classic. Whatever your cookie preference is, chocolate chip cookies are sweet and salty, sugar cookies are buttery and snickerdoodles are spiced with warm spices. Whether it’s ice cream sandwiches or whoopie pies, cookies are one of America’s favorites. What is the cookie that is loved by Americans across each state?

To determine the most popular cookies in America, Eat This, Not That! looked to Nestlé Toll House, which conducted a nationwide consumer survey. While Kentucky is famous for its Bourbon Spice, Vermont is known for its Maple Pecan. I’m sure you’d like to know which cookie you should choose, based on your state! Check out the list of some state favorites below. You can see the full list of cookies by state here.