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Garth Brooks hosted a short and somber Studio G last night after news of the world focused on the Nashville school shooting yesterday morning (3/27) that killed three children and three adults at a private Christian school.

An emotional and stoic Garth said he heard several emergency vehicles drive past him heading into the studio. “It never hit me. But on my way to the studio today as I got hit by five or six coming on the shoulder. I didn’t even think about it. It just seemed like a regular morning. And then when you get to the studio, we were probably in there about an hour. When you get the news of what’s happened and then what it’s like a mile away from where you’re at.”

Brooks added, “It’s always heartbreaking when you see any kind of situation like what happened today, but to know it’s in your own hometown, it’s a little tough.”

He said that he told his producer that he didn’t feel like doing Studio G, “You start thinking when things like this happen, you really don’t want to be by yourself. So, I drove home and me, and Miss Yearwood just kind of went on the farm in the sunshine and really didn’t say much. We just kind of held each other. That’s kind of where we’re at. This is the kind of thing to be sad, be confused, be angry, all those things I think are expected right now. I have no idea what people are going through, and I pray I never know. Thank God for our first responders; I don’t know how they do their job, and thank God for our teachers; they are the angels of our children.”

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Garth got emotional and held back tears, saying, “So, that’s it, really not a lot to say.” His producer tells him off camera that fans are thanking him for being there. He says, “What do you say because it’s the world that we live in right now. I was talking to someone today, and it’s just like, something like this happens, and here comes the thoughts and prayers, and here comes the anger, and here come the debates about all the stuff, and then it kind of fades for those who aren’t victims until it happens again and the same cycle starts up.”

Brooks then says to reach out to friends and family who are struggling with life. “Just ask them if they want to talk.” He returns to the victims saying, “Those poor parents and those poor parents of everyone involved. That’s the only position that I know is the parent role. And our babies were fortunate enough to go through school without anything like this happening in their areas. God love those people who want to teach the children, and God love those people that want to protect them.”

Garth ended the Studio G session by saying, “I want to say to everyone around the planet your thoughts are appreciated for the focus of your prayers and your thoughts toward those families here in Nashville. Love you. Love one another. Here’s to us finding what’s in us to choose love as the first option instead of the last one.”

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