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One of the signs that I became a grownup was the purchase of my first washer and dryer.  I remember wanting to put in in the living room I was so proud.  Before that, it was a big deal when I was able to afford an apartment that had its own washer and dryer in the unit.  Prior to that?  The nightmare of a washeteria.

You know what I’m talking about.  Communal clothes cleaning with a floor loaded with a dozen or so washers and a wall of dryers.  Never went to one that was a happy place.  No one wanted to be there.  And you couldn’t leave.  No, you had to guard your stuff.  That was the great fear:  theft.  However, now I would have a new fear:  exploding clothes dryers.

The video below is of a laundromat in Spain.  You see a man casually walking out, apparently carrying his completed laundry.  On the wall, a clothes dryer doing what a clothes dryer does.  And then…BOOM.  Seriously, of all the things I could imagine happening, a clothes dryer exploding is not on the list.

And it’s quite the explosion.  OMG.  It doesn’t just take out the appliance, but the entire front of the establishment!  The most interesting part to me is that of all the things the exploding clothes dryer took out?  The camera and electrical system that supplies it isn’t one.

Social media has been abuzz with what could have caused this clothes dryer to explode.  Speculation ranges from something as simple as lint (uh, explosive lint?), to batteries, ammunition, or a lighter left in a pocket.

Spring Clothes Are Hitting The Shelves In Charlotte

I’m such a sucker for spring fashion. Once that warmer weather hits someone needs to hide my wallet. I’d rather wear a dress or shorts than pants any day and I love color and florals both of which scream spring. In fact, I’ve pretty much already had to put myself on a spending freeze. There are so many cute styles of spring clothes popping up on shelves in Charlotte.

Trust me I spend my fair share of money on Amazon. I also shop from major retailers but I love small boutiques as well. The quality and uniqueness of items is often well represented and I know I’m more than just a customer. And as much as I love coming home to a package on my door step (and I get to today!) walking out with your bags is a luxury.  Luckily Charlotte has options no matter were you want to shop!

That being said I wanted to share some of my favorite spring clothes I’ve seen in Charlotte recently! And yes I do need a bigger closet.

  • 3 Jems Boutique

  • Vestique

  • Platos Closet

  • Ivy & Leo

  • KK Bloom

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