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I am so in the wrong business.  Get good grades.  Go to college.  Get a good job.  Make a career.  These were all the things repeated over and over again growing up in my parents’ house.  Apparently, what they should have said is, “Become an exotic dancer in North Carolina and you can make $10,000 a month selling your toenails and used underwear.”

IKR?!  Rebekka Blue is a 28-year-old dancer and internet influencer based out of Wilmington, North Carolina.  What she has discovered is that there is an abundance of weirdos on the internet who will pay good money for things that gross most of us out.

According to, “The Professional Goddess” has become a multi-millionaire at age 28 by making between five and ten greand a month selling things like her clipped toenails, used tissues, and “heavily-worn, and sweated-in, items of clothing” (ie used underwear) in the world of e-commerce.

OMG people are strange.  How strange?  I thought you’d never ask.  Rebekka claims one customer bought her IUD.  Yup, her intrauterine device birth control method.

“With the IUD, I just got it out of the trash and took it home. I had a client who bought strange things like my stuffed animals and my panty-liners and some off-the-wall things and thought, ‘maybe he could use this as a trophy?’ He offered me four figures to have something that was inside my body for almost five years, which was godly to him.”

Rebekka, whose real name is Anna Dee is a high school dropout who has more than one million followers on TikTok.  Her side hustle began as a $50-a-week lark.  She’s now made her more than a million in less than 10 years.

North Carolina Is One Of The Best States To Start A Business In

Wonderful news if you’re an entrepreneur. North Carolina is one of the best states to start a business. Let’s face it, starting a business will never be considered easy. And there will always be a percentage that doesn’t become successful. The risk can absolutely be worth the reward. You just want to make sure that you do everything you can to set your business up for success. These past few years have made just sustaining a business difficult, and starting one even more stressful. Hopefully, things are on a more positive trend now. Not counting the current difficult economic conditions a “bad location” is one of the most common reasons business ventures fail. So choosing the right location, including the state for your business is crucial to its success.

What makes a state an ideal place to invest in a new company? You’ll want to have access to cash, skilled workers, and affordable office space to give your idea the best chance to thrive. So to help you make the right, oh-so-important decision, our friends at WalletHub conducted this study on the best places to start a business.

In this study, WalletHub compared the 50 states across 27 key indicators of startup success to determine the most fertile grounds in which to launch and grow an enterprise. And North Carolina was one of the best states to start a business in. This is thanks to high rankings in the business environment our state provides. South Carolina was also in the top percentage not too far behind NC. Keep reading to see the top 16 (you’ll understand why we chose that metric) states to start a business in. You can read the full study here.

So get to brainstorming and adding to your local economy. Small businesses bring so much to the area, so we’d love to see you succeed!


  • 16. South Carolina

    South Carolina's biggest tourist trap

    Total Score: 49.99

    Business Environment: 18

    Access to Resources: 35

    Business Costs: 17

  • 15. Washington


    Total Score: 50.60

    Business Environment: 13

    Access to Resources: 3

    Business Costs: 41

  • 14. Kentucky


    Louisville, Kentucky, USA skyline on the river.

    Total Score: 50.68

    Business Environment: 24

    Access to Resources: 36

    Business Costs: 4

  • 13. Maine


    Portland, Maine, USA coastal townscape on Portland Harbor.

    Total Score: 51.73

    Business Environment: 10

    Access to Resources: 41

    Business Costs: 18

  • 12. Montana


    Total Score: 52.86

    Business Environment:15

    Access to Resources: 28

    Business Costs: 7

  • 11. North Carolina

    Diverse Cities North Carolina

    Total Score: 52.90

    Business Environment: 11

    Access to Resources: 17

    Business Costs: 20

  • 10. California


    Total Score: 52.97

    Business Environment: 2

    Access to Resources: 2

    Business Costs: 49

  • 9. Oklahoma

    Getty Images Plus

    Total Score: 53.12

    Business Environment:28

    Access to Resources: 19

    Business Costs: 1

  • 8. Nevada


    Total Score: 53.54

    Business Environment: 12

    Access to Resources: 11

    Business Costs: 26

  • 7. Arizona

    Chandler AZ

    Total Score: 53.79

    Business Environment: 6

    Access to Resources: 22

    Business Costs: 30

  • 6. Georgia


    State sign for Georgia welcomes visitors in a shaded rest area

    Total Score: 55.37

    Business Environment: 5

    Access to Resources: 26

    Business Costs: 19

  • 5. Idaho


    Total Score: 55.88

    Business Environment: 9

    Access to Resources: 21

    Business Costs: 10

  • 4. Colorado

    Denver Colorado

    Total Score: 56.14

    Business Environment: 4

    Access to Resources: 7

    Business Costs: 35

  • 3. Texas


    Total Score: 56.85

    Business Environment: 3

    Access to Resources: 12

    Business Costs: 31

  • 2. Florida


    Total Score: 59.21

    Business Environment: 1

    Access to Resources: 14

    Business Costs: 24

  • 1. Utah


    Total Score: 59.91

    Business Environment: 7

    Access to Resources: 1

    Business Costs: 32


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