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One of the questions I need to eliminate from my thought process is, “People won’t actually do that, right?”  I can’t tell you how many times I see contests or events that elicit that response.  Case in point?  Last week there was the story of The Las Vegas Little White Chapel teaming with Oscar Mayer for weddings in front of the “Wienermobile of Love.”  “People won’t actually do that, right?”  Wrong.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota natives Kassandra Lewis and Patrick Carney got married April 15. “Cheddar Cheese and Corndog Clara” officiated the ceremony.   Cassandra wore a white wedding dress while Patrick wore a blue suit. Cassandra held a bouquet featuring flowers and hot dogs. Patrick had a boutonniere with a hot dog in it.

According to Yahoo News, The Oscar Mayer Weinermobile has been elemental in their relationship from the start.  “We decided to walk down to Falls Park where we stumbled upon the Wienermobile.  We took our first picture together in front of the Wienermobile and even had it made into a magnet on our fridge. It felt so special to bring our love story full circle and now get married in front of it.”

A wiener whistle quartet, pun-filled wiener vows, and of course, a wiener cake rounded out the experience.

Charlotte Among Top Cities in The Country to Get Married

It may not be the destination wedding many couples dream about, but Charlotte is among the top cities in the United States to get married!

Our friends over at are at it again, ranking 182 U.S. cities in a variety of factors, to determine the best place for your nuptials.

“In order to assist with the planning process, we compared more than 180 U.S. cities to find the cheapest and most convenient wedding destinations that also promise a memorable day,” WalletHub said. “We examined each city across 28 key indicators of wedding-friendliness, ranging from average wedding cost to venues and event spaces per capita to hotel availability.”

Charlotte landed at No. 37 overall. The biggest advantage to getting married in Charlotte? Availability of services! We didn’t fare quite as well when is comes to cost (not surprised!) and a little surprising activities and attractions.

Bahira Sherif Trask, a Ph.D. educator at the University of Delaware, said there are a few factors couples should consider when setting a budget for their wedding.

“What percentage of their resources do they want to invest in what is essentially a big party? If they have a lot of resources – go for it,” Sherif Trask said. “However, if they are like most of us on a budget, I would debate what the long-term plans are – a down payment for a house? Trips? Student loans etc. Also, for younger couples, if the parents are paying – do not put an undue burden on them if they have limited resources. One of the very nicest weddings I ever went to was at the couple’s house.”

Other Carolina cities joining Charlotte in the rankings for best cities to get married were:

  • Fayetteville- 17
  • Columbia-25
  • Raleigh – 31
  • Charlotte – 37
  • Greensboro – 40
  • Charleston-45
  • Winston-Salem – 90
  • Durham – 94

But what are the BEST cities in the country to get married in? Here’s the Top 50 list:

  • 1. Orlando, FL

  • 2. Las Vegas, NV

  • 3. Miami, FL

  • 4. Knoxville, TN

  • 5. Tulsa, OK

  • 6. El Paso, TX

  • 7. Tampa, FL

  • 8. Laredo, TX

  • 9. Atlanta, GA

  • 10. Charleston, WV

  • 11. Tucson, AZ

  • 12. Boise, ID

  • 13. Albuquerque, NM

  • 14. Las Cruces, MN

  • 15. Fort Lauderdale, FL

  • 16. Rapid City, SD

  • 17. Fayetteville, NC

  • 18. Houston, TX

  • 19. Chattanooga, TN

  • 20. Oklahoma City, OK

  • 21. Salt Lake City, UT

  • 22. Cincinnati, OH

  • 23. Amarillo, TX

  • 24. Austin, TX

  • 25. Columbia, SC

  • 26. Lubbock, TX

  • 27. Brownsville, TX

  • 28. Reno, NV

  • 30. Fresno, CA

  • 31. Raleigh, NC

  • 32. Shreveport, LA

  • 33. New Orleans, LA

  • 34. Wichita, KS

  • 35. Nashville, TN

  • 36. Fort Smith, AR

  • 37. Charlotte, NC

  • 38. St Louis, MO

  • 39. Birmingham, AL

  • 40. Greensboro, NC

  • 41. Phoenix, AZ

  • 42. North Las Vegas, NV

  • 43. Tempe, AZ

  • 44. Billings, MT

  • 45. Charleston, SC

  • 46. San Antonio, TX

  • 47. Kansas City, MO

  • 48. Denver, CO

  • 49. Lexington-Fayette, KY

  • 50. Springfield, MO

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