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For the record, it’s never a good thing when you’re a rock band and people after your concert are talking less about your music than the huge fight you had amongst yourselves.  The band in question here is “Crazy Town.”  If there ever was a poster child for “one hit wonder,” it’s this group.  Remember this one?

Well, Crazy Town was down at Myrtle Beach for a show at The Boathouse Bar & Grill on April 23.   According to The Sun News, the band’s front man and founding member, Shane Binzer (who performs as “Shifty Shellshock”), apparently was a no-show until the very end of the gig.  Band co-founder and lead vocalist Bobby Reeves was, understandably less than enthused by this.   Words were exchanged on and off stage.  Some of these words are not shall we say, safe for church?  And, it was on.

The video of the actual brawl is on YouTube, but it’s age restricted so I’ll just post the link here.  It’s pretty epic as brawls go.  The best part is this picture that Reeves posted to his social media accounts.  Sporting the dark glasses to cover the beatdown, he claims the brouhaha is already in the rear view mirror.

Reeves later took to Instagram sporting sunglasses to cover a black eye. He said this Crazy Town altercation has already been forgotten. “Me and Shifty got in a little scuffle, but it’s all good, we’re brothers,” Reeves said in a brief video. “Love y’all. Love you, Shifty, too.”  Wow, gotta love the world of rock n roll, right?

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Charlotte's Symphony Park Hosts A Relaunched Popular Concert Series

When we first came to Charlotte in 2006, The EpiCentre was the place to be after work.  For years, on Thursday nights, “Alive After 5” was a thing and the place to be seen.  Great weather and live music proved to be an unbeatable and socially intoxicating combination.  Well, with the decline of the EpiCentre and safety concerns in the uptown/downtown area, this annual rite of spring, ended.  However, like all great ideas, all that was needed was a little re-branding.  (Drum roll, please) Get ready for “SouthPark After 5.”

Starting tonight (April 20) and running for 6 Thursdays through May 25, SouthPark’s beautiful Symphony Park will host tremendous live music and fun for the entire family (definitely a branding switch).  There will be food trucks, drinks, and hands-on art experiences.

According to SouthPark’s website, here’s all you need to know:

  • SouthPark After Five is happening from 5-9pm every Thursday, April 20-May 25.
  • The event is located at Symphony Park, at 4400 Sharon Rd., on the corner of Barclay Downs Drive and Carnegie Boulevard, adjacent to SouthPark Mall.
  • The event is free to attend and family and dog friendly.
  • Come prepared with your favorite picnic blanket or chairs to set up in the park.
  • There’s a spot for you in SouthPark, literally. Find parking outside of the event at SouthPark Mall.
  • Follow us at @southparkclt to see the weekly food truck lineup, or discover one of the 300+ dining and shopping options in the neighborhood.

Now, for what you really want to know…the music.  And it is a bangin’ lineup.

  • 20 Ride (Zac Brown Band Tribute Band)-April 20

    There haven’t been too many bands better for just chilling out and enjoying musicianship than The Zac Brown Band.  “20 Ride” is a tribute band that is the next best thing to the original and a great start to SouthPark After 5.


  • The Breakfast Club (80s Tribute Band)-April 27

    Here is one that I will love, and my wife will tolerate.  I LOVE THE 1980s.  It was the decade that I came of age and cannot get enough of its music.  “The Breakfast Club” will satisfy my adolescent musical jones and makes April 27 a must-be-there for SouthPark After 5.

  • Yacht Rock Revue-May 4

    As far as SouthPark After 5’s lineup, THIS IS THE ONE SHOW THAT IS NOT FREE!  The ticketed event is in conjunction with the Wells Fargo Championship. and will be held from 6-10 p.m. General admission is $30 and proceeds benefit Champions For Education.

  • Sol Fusion Premier Band-May 11

    Rhythm & Blues, Soul, and Funk will echo from Symphony Park on May 11 with the sounds of Sol Fusion Premier Band.  I guarantee every song played will bring you to your feet at SouthPark After 5.

  • Landslide Tribute Band A Tribute To Fleetwood Mac-May 18

    If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, “If you don’t like Fleetwood Mac, there’s no way we can be friends.”  I’m serious.  So I expect to be surrounded by A LOT of friends when this premier tribute band takes the stage at SouthPark After 5.

  • On The Border Eagles Tribute Band-May 25

    That friendship thing I mentioned above about Fleetwood Mac, it goes double for the music of The Eagles.  Of all the tribute bands devoted to The Eagles, NONE are better than On The Border.  I can’t wait for SouthPark After 5 at the end of May.


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