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WCNC says that a very special guest showed up for a concert Friday night.  Janet Jackson was in town at the PNC Music Pavillion and looks like Tom stopped by to enjoy the show. It was not expected but a welcome surprise for many Carolina concertgoers.

Janet Jackson was the opening of the season at PNC. She posted a photo of her backstage with Tom. It looks like Mr.Cruise was very accommodating of fans who asked for photos. Kinda cool to see ‘Maverick’ in town for a show

See some videos here

14 Movies That Turn 35 In 2023

1988 was a big year in movies with such blockbusters like Beaches and the ultimate Christmas movie Die Hard starring Bruce Willis. 1988 also saw the movie career of then TV star Tom Hanks transform into a movie star in Big. Of course, there was Rain Man, which earned Dustin Hoffman a Best Actor Oscar.

It was also a year when we saw just how Scrooged Bill Murray could be and talked a lot about A Fish Called Wanda. Young Guns brought Westerns back to the movie screen in a big way with an all-star cast that included Emilio Estevez and Keifer Sutherland. And who could forget the Eddie Murphy classic Coming To America? It was a big year for movies, no doubt.

  • Beaches

  • Twins

  • A Fish Called Wanda

  • Die Hard

  • Bull Durham

  • Young Guns

  • Willow

  • Coming To America

  • Scrooged

  • Big

  • Beetlejuice

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbitt?

  • Mississippi Burning

  • Rain Man