Barbecue Ribs With Sauсes Closeup. Man's Hand With Spareribs. High Resolution

If it’s one thing South Carolina is going to do, it’s give us some great places to eat. Finding those culinary spots are always great whether it is where you live or during a vacation. It’s one of the best parts about traveling to a new city and being able to find a great spot to eat some local favorites. Open Table is naming some of the best destination restaurants in the U.S. Of course, a Carolina spot had to make an appearance.

Open Table gathered a list of the 13 best destination restaurants in the U.S. This restaurant guide is perfect for you to book dinner reservations before you even book your flight to the destination. Well, this famous South Carolina restaurant made their top 13 list. Rodney Scott’s BBQ in Charleston, South Carolina came in on the list. If you’re from the Carolinas (or even if you’re not) you probably have heard of Rodney Scott. His world-famous barbecue is some of the best you will ever find. When his Charleston spot opened in 2017 it was instantly a hit!

Rodney Scott’s BBQ menu is serving up some of your favorite classic barbecue plates. Enjoy everything from loaded mac and cheese and pulled pork shoulder to catfish sandwich and spare ribs. It’s so much more on this plate and you will not regret taking a trip next time you’re in Charleston. Wondering what other culinary spots you should visit soon? Check out this culinary travel list here and book a culinary vacation.