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Graduates can get free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for one day only at participating locations.  Here’s how:

For the fourth straight year, Krispy Kreme is celebrating student achievement with a sweet one-day giveaway.  On Wednesday, May 24, graduates can receive a free Original Glazed Dozen Doughnuts.  Graduates also get a “Dough-ploma.”  According to USA Today, all you have to do is wear your 2023 class ring, your cap and gown, or 2023 graduation apparel.  Offer is good while supplies last.

“We started this during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we haven’t forgotten that the lives of this year’s graduates were heavily impacted by the pandemic,” said Dave Skena, Global Chief Brand Officer for Krispy Kreme in a news release.  “We are thrilled to celebrate their perseverance and spirit the best way we know how: free Original Glazed doughnuts. We hope grads stop by their local Krispy Kreme shop Wednesday dressed in their cap and gown or other Class of 2023 swag, to enjoy a free dozen on us and get their ‘Dough-ploma’.”

Before you scarf down those delicious doughnuts, the company invites graduates to use the hashtag #KrispyKreme and to share pictures on social media.

Headquartered in Charlotte, Krispy Kreme is a publicly traded company with around 1,400 locations nationwide.

This Southern Delicacy Is South Carolina's Favorite Comfort Food

There is just something about your favorite comfort food. While I won’t binge on them constantly, I enjoy some good down-home southern home cooking from time to time. Personally for me when I think of comfort foods I think of things like mac and cheese, chicken pot pie, or a grilled cheese sandwich. But those are just a few of the endless examples. The Oxford Dictionary defines comfort foods as “food that provides consolation or a feeling of well-being, typically any with a high sugar or other carbohydrate content and associated with childhood or home cooking.”

The researchers over at E-Conolight analyzed Google search data to determine the most popular comfort foods in each state. And by popular they mean the most searched for. And there were some fantastic foods that made the list including chicken and dumplings, cheese grits, pot roast, stuffing, and chili. In fact, reading this list has made me hungry for lunch. And not the salad I was planning on having either. But what did the data show as the most popular comfort food in South Carolina? It’s a quintessential South Carolina southern delicacy.

Keep reading to see which foods the Carolinas and neighboring states love. Want to see more? You can read the full E-Conolight article here.

  • Favorite Comfort Foods

  • South Carolina

    Shrimp & Grits

    Could there be a better comfort food representation of South Carolina than shrimp & grits? When this meal is good it’s GOOD. Especially in Charleston and other coastal towns. In the south we know how to really cook grits and this meal is the perfect blend.

  • North Carolina

    Chicken N Waffles

    Chicken & Waffles. Maybe I just didn’t get out much but I feel like in the last 10 years or so is when chicken & waffles became a thing. I love a good waffle and I love fried chicken. But for a while, I was very hesitant to try this combination. It just sounds so weird, mainly the syrup on fried chicken part. But as soon as I finally tried it, I get it. This combination is so good and an absolute staple on brunch menus for a reason!

  • Virginia

    Fried Chicken

    Is there a better southern delicacy than fried chicken? It’s a classic for a good reason. When you find a restaurant or even better a family member who makes the best fried chicken, it’s a blessing!

  • Tennessee

    Chess Pie

    Full disclosure I had no idea what Chess Pie is and had to Google it. But thanks to Cooking Classy, I learned that it is “a custard-style pie with a crisp browned topping”. This dessert typically consists of a traditional pie crust with filling consisting of eggs, milk or buttermilk, flour, sugar, and often vinegar or lemon.

  • The 5 Most Searched Comfort Foods In The US

    1. Grilled Cheese
    2. Fried Chicken
    3. Chicken & Waffles
    4. Chili
    5. Pot Roast

    See the rest here.