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If you are in Florida and you need to choose the outdoor facilities, not sure I would choose one near a pond.  A Florida man loses just an arm to a ten foot alligator.  He should probably be thankful this wasn’t much worse.

The 23 year old bar goer tells Good Morning America that he was at the establishment when nature called and the bathrooms were full.  He says he went behind the bar to find a spot and chose one at the edge of a pond.

Guess what!  There was an alligator in that pond and a big one at that.  He says he lost his balance and fell in the pond where the gator took quick action.  To learn more about this story get all the details from WFLA right here.

Some people in the bar say that particular gator has lived in that pond for the past twenty years.  Not sure Florida, a pond and potentially alcohol, mix well.

North Carolina Is A Top State People Are Leaving to Move To Florida

Why would you want to leave North Carolina? We have everything! The only downfall is that we have to pay taxes on clothes. (In New Jersey I didn’t have this problem)

Truth is, people like the beach and they like warm weather. Thanks to the U.S. Census, we can see how many people are moving from other states to the Sunshine State. Sadly, North Carolina was number 7 on the top 10 list. These are the top ten states people left in 2019 to move to good old Florida.

  • #10: Illinois

    City of Illinois

  • #9: Virginia

    Virginia Tech v Tennessee Stadium

  • #8: Texas

    Hurricane Harvey Slams Into Texas Gulf Coast

  • #7: North Carolina

    City of Charlotte

  • #6: New Jersey

    New Jersey Beaches And Boardwalks Start To Reopen Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

  • #5: California

    Californians Face New Normal Amid Coronavirus Lockdown

  • #4: Ohio

    Michigan v Ohio State

  • #3: Pennsylvania

    U.S. Open - Round Two

  • #2: Georgia

    Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America

  • #1: New York

    NY City